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Posted by – September 30, 2014
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Raw Chi: Balancing the Raw Food Diet with Chinese Herbs by Rehmannia Dean Thomas is now available.

9781583948583Raw and high-raw diets continue to trend among people interested in health and fitness. Yet, do these diets provide all the nutrients that our bodies need? Those familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine may know that practitioners strongly discourage consuming such large amounts of raw food—arguing that it dampens the body’s digestive fire. However, herbalist Rehmannia Dean Thomas has discovered a simple way to reconcile these two powerful systems—using daily herbal teas to access their combined potential.

Raw Chi not only discusses how to complement raw diets with Chinese herbs, it also serves as an accessible introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Thomas covers fundamentals such as chi, jing, and the five organ meridians in beginner-friendly language. He also offers detailed descriptions of commonly used herbs, as well as those he suggests specifically for raw foodists. With many tonic herbal tea recipes and individual chapters for health issues faced by both women and men, Raw Chi is the guide that anyone interested in improved health, alternative medicine, or balanced raw diets should read.

About the author

Rehmannia Dean Thomas is an initiate of the earliest official system of plant-based therapy in human history, now known as the Gate of Life lineage of tonic herbalism. He received an eight-year training as personal apprentice to master herbalist Ron Teeguarden, first attaining the status of teamaster, eventually working with Teeguarden at Dragonherbs in Santa Monica, CA, as head alchemist at the elixir bar. Thomas holds a Master Herbalist degree from Natural Healing College, studied Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis at Alhambra Medical University, is a UC Master Gardener, and founded Shaman Shack Herbs in 2006. He also created the first online course on tonic herbology. Thomas is currently designing tonic herbal elixir products for various companies.

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