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Posted by – March 11, 2015
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9781583948729Peter Ralston, author of the groundbreaking work The Book of Not Knowing, pragmatically tackles enlightenment in his new book, Pursuing Consciousness: The Book of Enlightenment and Transformation. Ralston succeeds in grounding abstract and esoteric concepts with his clarity and wit, and in portioning out hearty information into digestible pieces. Mini-chapters like “Learning to Enjoy Suffering (or At Least Get Through It)” and “An Acid Trip is not Enlightenment” keep readers grounded in the sometimes difficult process of pursuing consciousness.

Ralston explains that deeper levels of consciousness aren’t just for monks—anyone can have an enlightenment experience. He shows that enlightenment does not automatically transform the self, and that transforming the self does not produce enlightenment, though they are, of course, related. With an understanding of the relationship between the two, we can use one to empower the other.

Pursuing Consciousness skillfully brings accessibility and clarity to spiritual practice, and is grounded in the author’s own enlightenment experiences. Full of tips for handling the challenges that often come up, this book will help readers on their journey to becoming whom they want and were always meant to be.

About the author

Much in demand as a teacher of consciousness workshops since 1979, Peter Ralston has done over forty years of intense contemplation and personal experiential investigation into the nature of self and reality. Ralston’s consciousness work is acclaimed by people from a diverse range of disciplines, from spiritual teachers and psychiatrists to cognitive scientists, physicists, and artists. He has authored a number of strong selling titles, including The Book of Not Knowing. He is the founder of Empowerment, as well as the founder of Cheng Hsin, his school of internal arts and ontological research. Ralston trained with Stewart Emery and Actualizations, and has served as facilitator for other personal growth organizations such as: Lifesprings, Tony Robbins, Institute for Self Actualizations, Esalen, and others.

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