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Posted by – March 24, 2015
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9781583948972Astronomy buffs, poets, philosophers, astrologers, and indeed anyone interested in archetypes will dig into this collection of short and long writings about Pluto with relish. Timed to coincide with NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft’s imaging of Pluto in July 2015, this anthology offers perspectives on the meaning of Pluto from a diverse set of contributors including Rob Brezsny, Jonathan Lethem, Richard Hoagland, and James Hillman.

Pluto’s distance from the Sun, frigid temperatures, and barrenness befit a planet named after the God of the Underworld, informing its astrology and mythology. Among the issues central to this collection are the meanings of darkness, loss, grief, inner transformation, rebirth, reincarnation, and karmic revelation.

Encompassing astronomy, mythology, psychology, and astrology, this anthology offers a wealth of knowledge about our most famous dwarf planet. Discovered as a new planet in 1930 and “demoted” in 2006, Pluto and its discovery and reclassification throw a unique light on how we generate meaning in science and culture.

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Since 1970, RICHARD GROSSINGER has published some 35 books, most of them with his own press North Atlantic Books, but also titles with Harper, Doubleday, Sierra Club Books, and J. P. Tarcher. These have ranged from long explorations of science, culture, and spirituality to memoirs to experimental prose and science fiction. Grossinger received a PhD in anthropology from the University of Michigan in 1975 and lives with his wife, writer Lindy Hough, in Portland, Maine.


Dana Wilde, Richard Grossinger, Richard C. Hoagland, J. F. Martel, James Hillman, Fritz Brunhübner, Gary Rosenthal, Thomas Frick, John D. Shershin, Stephan David Hewitt, Jim Tibbetts, Shelli Jankowski-Smith, Lisa Rappoport, Robert Kelly, Maggie Dietz, Dinesh Raghavendra, Steve Luttrell, Philip Wohlstetter, Jonathon Lethem, Robert Sardello, Ross Hamilton, Jeffrey A. Hoffman, College of the Atlantic students, Nathan Schwartz-Salant, Charley B. Murphy, Timothy Morton, Robert Phoenix, Ellias Lonsdale, and Rob Brezsny

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Marina is the Marketing & Digital Programs Coordinator at North Atlantic Books. After living in New Orleans and Amsterdam, and exploring a couple of continents, she returned to the San Francisco Bay Area to work at NAB. She's passionate about astrology, nonfiction books, and sustainable living, as well as all things metaphysical.