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Posted by – May 21, 2015
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John Muir wrote, “I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” More than ten years in the making, this volume of new poems by Portland, Maine’s Poet Laureate Steve Luttrell conjures the beauty of the New England Coast and the enduring power of nature.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Luttrell’s lyric does not undergo acrobatics of form or allusion; his poems offer sparse but potent reflections on a tranquil landscape, and the inner worlds we occupy when we enter these spaces. In beautiful and accessible verse, the poet evokes wild Maine—the rocks and wildlife, the shifting planets, and the surging waters—at the same time that he casts an observant eye on his fellow creatures. He deftly molds the eternal and transitory, the extraordinary and the everyday.

The poems of Plumb Line imbue the small routines of daily life with quiet significance and bring the enormity of the cosmos to human scale. The work of Luttrell’s poetics is to export the nature scene into his reader’s mind, constructing an accessible solitude therin, granting peace and meditation to readers of all positionings. Whether from the top of El Capitain or from the cubicle, to jump into Luttrell’s newest book is to access a portal to peace.



Steve Luttrell is the founder and publishing editor of the acclaimed Cafe Review, which has published for a remarkable twenty-five years, including the work of twelve Pulitzer Prize winners. Former Poet Laureate of Portland, Maine, he has his own TV show (Poet’s Cafe), giving him a strong presence in the region and a large following among New England poets and writers.

His intimate, unassuming voice is driven by a musician’s sense of rhythym and a deceptive simplicity. The author has published five chapbooks and six major editions of poetry, including Home Movies, Conditions, The Vagaries: A Writer’s Sequence, and Pemaquid and Other Poems. Plumb Line secures Luttrell’s place as an important voice in contemporary poetry.

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