New Release: The Order Disorder Paradox

Posted by – April 11, 2017
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That inexplicable funk you sometimes feel after a major life accomplishment? Totally normal paradoxical chaos, according to Nathan Schwartz-Salant the author of The Order-Disorder Paradox.

Drawing on nearly five decades of research, Nathan Schwartz-Salant delves into a profound exploration of “the hidden side of change in self and society” and offers compelling insight into how the psyche—and our lives—function and grow through cycles of chaos and disorder. As a Jungian analyst with training in the physical sciences, the author takes us on a journey to the deep roots of the seemingly paradoxical idea of order increasing disorder, with jaunts through concepts of thermodynamics, entropy, and myth, to illustrate the interplay that creates the field for transformation.

With clear examples of the interaction of order and disorder in everyday life, we’re offered a deeper understanding of the patterns that play out as we attempt to craft our lives, and possibilities for how to hold the not-so-great feelings of disorientation that often accompany potential change. As Schwartz-Salant proposes, “If…we learn to recognize disorder as a part of creation, we become able to celebrate and enjoy our accomplishments as they should be celebrated and enjoyed.”

Increasing order in a system also creates disorder: this seemingly paradoxical idea has deep roots in early cultures throughout the world, but it has been largely lost in our modern lives as we push for increasing systematization in our world and in our personal lives. Drawing on nearly five decades of research as well as forty-five years working as a psychoanalyst, Nathan Schwartz-Salant explains that, in a world where vast amounts of order are being created through the growing success of science and technology, the concomitant disorder is having devastating effects upon relationships, society, and the environment. With many examples of the interaction of order and disorder in everyday life and psychotherapy, The Order-Disorder Paradox makes new inroads into our understanding of the wide-ranging consequences of the order we create and its effects on others and the environment.

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