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Posted by – October 25, 2016
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The Lost Samurai School by Antony Cummins - ISBN#: 9781623170875Secrets of the Mubyoshi Ryu

Antony Cummins’s The Lost Samurai School is the first exposure for western readers to the teachings of Mubiyoshi Ryu. Cummins contextualizes the many expertly translated documents with a history of the era, the school, and its grandmaster, Hagiwara Juzo.

Mubiyoshi Ryu literally translates to “school with no rhythm.” Such a fighting style has an advantage: enemies that cannot anticipate or discern your tactics are easier to outwit. These teachings also allowed these samurai to train in the arts of ninjutsu; subterfuge and espionage, the skills sometimes being magical in nature.


About the Author

Antony Cummins is a world-renowned Ninja historian. He is the founder of the Historical Ninjutsu Research Team and also works as the head of Urban Canyon Films to produce high-end documentaries on Japan. He has been recognized by peers as a leading expert in the discovery of military arts of medieval Japan and is the author of several books on Ninja and Japanese Warfare, including: Samurai and Ninja, The Book of Ninja, Iga and Koka Ninja Skills, The Secret Traditions of the Shinobi, In Search of the Ninja, Samurai War Stories and The Book of Samurai. His website is

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