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Posted by – March 03, 2015
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In Land: A New Paradigm for a Thriving World, social innovator, entrepreneur, and community organizer Martin Adams presents an inspired and innovative economic solution to poverty, inequality, and environmental destruction. Touted as a “brilliant contribution” by New York Times bestselling author and political commentator Thom Hartmann, Land will give you cause to reexamine economics in the 21st century.

As has been widely reported, income disparities are growing and the wealth gap is the highest it’s been in decades. 2014 was also reported as the warmest year in recorded history, and in the midst of crisis, we need a fundamental paradigm shift that addresses both the ecological and economic realities of 2015.

In Land, Adams calls for a new approach to how we buy, sell, and own land, elucidating the ways our current system has led to increased poverty, fewer resources, and ecological devastation. Land value is obviously dependent upon location; an acre in San Francisco will cost you much more than an acre in rural Montana. Adams suggests that by sharing the profits from the land we occupy with the community in which it’s located, we allow everyone access to the benefits it provides and can reinvest in our neighborhoods and our future.

About the author

                                                    MARTIN ADAMS is a systems thinker, advocate, and community static1.squarespaceorganizer. As a child, it pained him to see most people struggling while a few were living in opulence, which inspired in him a lifelong quest to create a fair and sustainable world in collaboration with others.

As a young adult, groomed for a career in finance, he walked right past Wall Street and chose instead to focus his career on community development. Through his non-profit work, he saw firsthand the extent to which our economic system causes human and ecological strife. Consequently, Adams has devoted himself to the implementation of a new economic paradigm that allows humanity to thrive in harmony with nature. Land is the fruit of his years of research into this economic model and stands as an appeal to change-makers worldwide.

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