New Release: Heaven’s Wind

Posted by – April 11, 2017
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For the first time in English, Stephen Earle tells the epic story of Nakamura Tempu. One of Japan’s most inspirational twentieth-century thinkers and teachers, Tempu’s mind-body approach to personal transformation influenced hundreds of thousands, including many of Japan’s most successful and powerful people in business, politics, arts, sciences, sports, martial arts, and more.

From his service as a spy in the Russo-Japan War, to the five-year journey he took in search of a cure for his tuberculosis—a search that led him to the halls of Columbia University in New York, the salons of Paris, and the foothills of the Himalayas, where he practiced yoga under the tutelage of an Indian guru—Heaven’s Wind is an engaging historical narrative, an account of personal transformation, and a record of the principles of practical philosophy of mind-body unity that Tempu distilled and disseminated.

A long-time student of Japanese language, culture, and history, author Stephen Earle has lived and worked in Japan, China, and Singapore and estimates he has crossed the Pacific at least 250 times. He is also a successful entrepreneur and former executive board member of a publicly traded Japanese corporation. Earle has practiced the martial art of aikido for over forty-five years and is head of a school of aikido in Richmond, Virginia.

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Elise Harmenzon is a recent graduate of the University of Redlands, where she majored in English. She is currently an editorial intern at North Atlantic Books.