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Posted by – January 07, 2015
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GreenSmoothieFor those of us who aren’t celebrities, it’s difficult to find the time and money to commit to a healthy and effective cleanse. While retreats are lovely, they can also be prohibitively expensive. Cleansing at home is great, but anyone with a roommate can tell you how difficult it is to stick to a diet when someone’s eating pizza at the same table. The good news is, there’s now a practical guide to getting through a seven-day detox at home from acclaimed green smoothie authority, Victoria Boutenko: Green Smoothie Retreat: A 7-Day Plan to Detox and Revitalize at Home (on sale: January 6, 2015).

Boutenko, whose award-winning work has appeared on Gaiam TV and Lifetime Network, as well as in the top nutrition and vegetarian publications, demonstrates how the bounty of minerals and nutrients available in greens can be harnessed for delicious and convenient consumption. Her recipes provide quick, tasty drinks that eliminate toxins, correct nutritional deficiencies, and boost energy.

Perhaps most importantly, Green Smoothie Retreat covers the practical aspects of the retreat: when to start, what you need at home and how much it will cost, how to prepare a daily schedule, and finally, how to re-enter the world when your home-retreat is finished.

Complete with amazing success stories from people who have participated in Victoria Boutenko’s retreats, and chock full of delicious recipes for smoothies, soups, salads and puddings, this is a must-read for anyone looking to boost their health and vitality.


About the author

Victoria Boutenko is an author, teacher, inventor, researcher, artist and mother of three. In 1994, The Boutenko family, also known as The Raw Family, became seriously ill. Victoria sought out alternative health paths and discovered the raw food lifestyle which enabled the family to gain vibrant health.

Now Victoria Boutenko travels all over the world sharing her inspiring story and teaching classes on the raw-food diet. Based on the latest scientific research, Victoria explains the numerous benefits of choosing a diet of fresh rather than cooked foods and the importance of consuming large amounts of leafy greens. Victoria’s most recent and powerful contribution is her research into the nutritional value of greens and the development of green smoothies, which have revolutionized the way people access health, no matter what their dietary or lifestyle choices.

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