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Posted by – October 22, 2014
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9781583948552What if we were to stop looking at astrology as a tool for divination and instead understand it as a way to attain self-knowledge and take responsibility for our lives? Divine Love Astrology: Revealing Spiritual Truth for Personal Transformation offers a fresh view of this ancient system, helping people understand their individual mission and find their purpose as humanity raises its collective consciousness.

This all-inclusive reference book covers the practical applications of astrology as well as its philosophical values, embracing everything from the earthly mundane to the celestial Divine. Not only does this guide include the history of astrology, its principles, and interpretations for the traditionally observed planets, it also stresses Earth’s significance in birth charts and incorporates the newly discovered planet Eris. With additional information on the chakra system, levels of consciousness, and its unique Wheels of Life chapters, Divine Love Astrology is a vital resource for beginners and professional astrologers alike.

About the authors

Shiva Das began his spiritual journey at the age of 20, swept along by the revolution in consciousness that was happening in the ’60s and ’70s. Since then, he has expanded his understanding of astrology, and realized that empowering people with self-knowledge is the greatest potential use of this tool. Not finding a book that represented astrology as he saw it inspired Das to write Divine Love Astrology, which is the result of more than 35 years of practice and development. Das is now a full-time astrologer in Baja, Mexico.

Mercy Ananda began her study of astrology as a teenager, searching for a spiritual tool to help her understand her Self and how she fit into the world. Her knowledge grew through a process of constant questioning, study, and application in everyday life. When she met Shiva Das in 1987, he had already started work on Divine Love Astrology, which they continued to write together. Ananda is a reiki practitioner who also teaches yoga and music in Baja, Mexico.

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