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Posted by – August 02, 2016
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calm birth - ISBN 9781623170578When grouping the words “pregnancy” and “breathing,” we are inclined to imagine the shallow, violent pants of a sweaty, red-faced soon-to-be mother. While Robert Newman, expert and teacher of mind/body medicine, believes this form of breathing is beneficial in certain situations, his newly revised book, Calm Birth, seeks to upturn this reductive association.

Calm Birth offers a holistic approach to childbirth, praising methods such as “womb breathing,” a form of energy breathing based on a Vajrayana Buddhist meditation practice. “When pregnant women practice meditation,” Newman says, “an empowering sense of safety and wholeness is generated from the inside.”

Newman combines relaxation, meditation, and healing practices with his scientific knowledge, providing mothers and birth workers with a helpful resource for both prenatal and postnatal healing. This revised edition offers 25% new material including a new foreword by Sandra Bardsley, updated research, two new case studies, and three new chapters imparting Newman’s most recent insights into maintaining a conscious, calm birth.

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