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Posted by – February 13, 2015
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awakeining_coverRaised as a Catholic and educated in the West, then trained as a monk in India since the 1980s, Canadian author Swami Muktananda of Rishikesh is uniquely positioned to bring the Eastern tradition of Vedanta to Western spiritual seekers. His new book, Awakening to the Infiniteanswers with straightforward simplicity the eternal question posed by philosophical seekers: “Who am I?” The book’s wisdom is drawn from the many conversations Muktananda has had throughout the years with individuals from all walks of life, and are based on the ancient teachings of advaita or nonduality—the understanding that, at a fundamental level, there is no division between ourselves and others.

Covering a range of subjects from the spiritual path to everyday problems at work and in relationships, sexuality, parenting, physical illness, and social injustice, Muktananda communicates directly and compassionately, from the standpoint of someone who is anchored in the infinite but fully in touch with the world.

About the author

Swami Muktananda of Rishikesh took his vows of sannyas and became a monk in 2000. He lives at the Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh, northern India, at the foothills of the Himalayas, where he teaches meditation and yoga philosophy. He travels extensively and holds retreats in which he shares the message of nonduality that transcends all religions.

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