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Our United Roar
Our world has shifted since the murder of Cecil, the Zimbabwean Lion. Poignantly, a group of Leadership Academy students and myself were doing blessings for the earth, with a Zimbabwean Lion Medicine Man, Mandaza, at the time of the notorious and senseless slaying.

However, after two decades of campaigning for this urgent cause, I am greatly encouraged to see how many hearts around the globe were touched, leading a new heightened awareness of the urgent plight of Panthera leo. Bottom line is if we don’t change course, lions in the wild will not survive for our children’s generation. On the positive side, this one incident created a world-wide tsunami. But mass media outrage is not enough. Our organization remains focused on directing public action in effective ways that last.

Over the period in which the scandal took place—significantly, in August, the month of Leo—we continued to implement a number of strategies to achieve change. Some of these strategies are long-term, others new, many involve international support, while some are emerging on the ground, in the heat and dust of our Bushveld heartlands.

OUR2A long time in the planning, we finally launched One United Roar: O.U.R. Campaign For Lions, together with all our StarLion community centers, designed to achieve that turnaround in the lion crisis. Held on World Lion Day, it was a spectacular event of festive celebration together with our local Sepedi and Tsonga communities in a powerful plea for our living Lion Heritage. A cultural revival coordinated by Yolandi van Jaarsveldt and our StarLion team with over 500 performers, the launch event drew on the assistance from every level of our organization including our anti-poaching team. This event sets the scene for true stewardship of the earth.


Also in the Leo month, the White Lion Trust hosted our annual Leadership Academy—an empowerment training process that equips people to take positive action in their lives and the world. Many programs today talk about “Leadership”—but this training is uniquely inspired by the luminous White Lions and associated “LionHearted” principles in humanity. For more information and details about how to join next year’s academy, which will be held November 22 – December 22, 2016, please contact Mary Brown:

Meanwhile, our dedicated UK Office, led by Tracey van den Brandt, pushed ahead on opening opportunities to represent lion rights in the UK Parliament. We are pleased to announce an excellent partnership with PAL (Protect African Lions), as we unite in a strategy to restore Panthera leo to its pride of place in the Bushveld. Help PAL support our reintroduction program.

An upcoming highlight in the UK is the Spark Event, a special concert launched by acclaimed British composer/performer, David Chabeaux, on October 30th. Taking to the stage will be more than fifty local musicians, children’s choirs and dancers, and Luyanda Jezile, who performed in the Disney film “The Lion King” and the hit West End show for eight years. Long time White Lion Trust supporter, David has devoted two songs to the lion cause in his latest album. “Lionhearts” became an anthem in the Global March for Lions 2014. “Children of the Sun,” dedicated to protecting the mythical White Lions, was used as the theme by WLT in our awareness campaign during the New York Fashion Week, supported by fashion designer Adrian Alicea.

Although I sadly can’t join the celebratory event in person, I’ve sent a video message from me and the prides of the Heartlands to be shared on the night. If you can’t make the event, support the lions by purchasing the album online here.

For detailed news on our magnificent prides, see the field update below. We’re at an incredibly exciting and energized moment in our pioneering world-first reintroduction program of Apex predators back into their endemic habitat.

Much love from me, appreciation from the team, and One United Roar from our lion family,



Linda Tucker is the founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust
and the author of
Saving the White Lions.

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