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Guest Post by Robin Rose Bennett


I love the Earth Holidays. They invite the people of Earth to come together and celebrate! The spring and fall equinoxes and the winter and summer solstices are holidays (holy days) that are universally relevant to all the peoples of Earth. They are based in what is actually happening in Nature, and are not limited to any religion or nationality, and so can be embraced by all.

The summer solstice is exact on Sunday, June 21, 2015 in the Northern Hemisphere (when it is the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere; as the adage goes, as Above, so Below).

roses2Here in the north, the sun is farthest away from Earth, and yet directly overhead, so we experience the annual peak of LIGHT. It is a potent time for illuminating your shadowy places and bringing them into the light of love to be embraced and accepted to nourish your own wholeness.

Summer Solstice is a time of creativity and passion, of love coming to life in the bright heat of summer. The summer sunlight brings abundant sexuality and growth of food, flowers, and fruits.

Summer Solstice celebrations can be enhanced by drinking rose or linden blossom infusions, burning sage or sweet yellow clover, and then jumping over a candle to make a special summer wish. Children love to do this, too.

Here is a delightful recipe that I didn’t get to put into The Gift of Healing Herbs. Since that book was already overflowing with recipes, instead of adding one more, I am publishing it here:


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Pear Ginger Cordial

Fresh pears – 4 parts
Crystalized ginger – 1 part
Cinnamon – 1 stick
Vanilla – 2 teaspoons of extract or 1 vanilla bean
Brandy – 4 parts, or to taste
Honey – 1 part, or to taste

Chop or slice ripe pears, any variety. Put them into a jar with the crystallized ginger pieces. Break up and add the cinnamon stick. If using a vanilla bean, cut it open and scrape out the insides and add them; then, cut up the rest and add it into the mix. Cover all the ingredients with the brandy and honey. If using vanilla extract, add that when you add the brandy and honey. Stir everything together. Shake gently. You can enjoy this in a couple of hours, but if you can wait a month, or longer, it only gets better over time. Drink this on its own, “on the rocks,” over ice cream or cake, on cheese and crackers, or over plain yogurt with fruit. No matter how you have it, enjoy this lovely taste of summer!


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In my book Healing Magic: A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living, 10th Anniversary Edition you can dive even deeper into the meaning of Summer Solstice and explore personal and group rituals that can help you make use of this time as an opportunity to cultivate strength, self-confidence, courage, and ecstasy.



Robin Rose Bennett is a compassionate, empowering herbalist and spiritual teacher. The focus of her healing work is to share the generosity of the earth and the magic, mystery, and beauty of the web of life. Since 1986 she has taught at schools, clinics, progressive and holistic organizations, herbal conferences, and is a repeat guest lecturer at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, St John’s Hospital, Montefiore Teaching Hospital, Beth Israel’s Nursing program, and Brown University Medical School. She is a faculty member of the New York Open Center and author of two meditation CDs as well as the books Healing Magic and The Gift of Healing Herbs. Bennett has a private consultation practice in New Jersey offered on a sliding-scale and teaches as an herbalist-in-residence at a family medical practice in Bronx, NY.

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