Elemental Energies in the Mineral Kingdom

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Excerpt from The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian


The following excerpt is from The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian, which goes on sale March 10.

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Elemental Energies in the Mineral Kingdom

People often ask me about the model of elements I use in conjunction with my work with crystals and stones. “Aren’t all stones related to the Earth element?” they ask. “They all come from the Earth!” While on the surface it may seem obvious that all stones carry Earth element energy, upon closer inspection it becomes evident that this is not necessarily the case. Some stones carry very low-frequency energies, while others carry very high-frequency energy. Some are more suited for physical healing, while others are more resonant with the emotional, energetic, or mental aspects. The tremendous range of energy carried by the mineral kingdom clearly reflects the range of energies present in the elemental forces of Nature. In order to understand the relationship of these energies, it is necessary to understand the holistic interactions of all energies available to us on Earth, and how they are balanced and distributed around the planet.

The elemental forces of Nature are the expression of the energies carried by the total organism of Earth. The elemental forces of Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Storm are not static chemical compounds, but are events that describe energetic interactions. Like our own bodies, Gaia has many different systems that allow her to move into balance through dynamic response to her ever-changing energetic field. Minerals and stones are the vehicles through which the Earth’s energy is distributed and balanced.

In order to understand the relationship between minerals and stones and the elemental energies they carry, it is necessary to first understand the holistic organism that is our planet and the ways in which the elemental forces and crystals and stones affect the total organism. The Earth planet (which I will refer to as Gaia from here onwards) is a living, breathing organism that mirrors our own bodies in many ways. Every being on the planet acts as a cell within a system of the greater whole. The mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animals, birds, insects, and humans are all integral parts of the greater body of the Gaia organism.

Gaia has an energy field, or aura, that consists of electromagnetic (Light) energy. Humans also have an electromagnetic field (aura) that surrounds and permeates our bodies. Within the Earth the continental plates constantly shift and drift to balance Gaia’s body. This densest aspect of Gaia represents the energy of the Earth element. In our own bodies, this element is represented by the movement of our densest aspect—our bones and muscles. Gaia’s fiery core continually recycles Earth by melting down stone and releasing energy through volcanoes and geothermal activity. This energy is the Fire element, and it is mirrored in our own bodies by the digestion of food and its transformation into energy and heat. Gaia’s circulatory system shifts and moves through the tides of the oceans and the flowing of rivers, streams, springs, lakes, and ponds, carrying nourishment to every part of her being and taking away waste. This is the Water element, which is reflected in our own circulatory and lymph systems. The breath of Gaia circulates around and through her body in the form of air and other gasses. This is the Wind element, which is present in us as the breath and gasses of our bodies. The element of Storm is created when all four elemental forces are empowered at once. This element is a dynamic balancing force that helps the Earth correct imbalances within her energy field. We also experience the energy of Storm within our bodies as experiences of massive cleansing, spiritual awakening and the correction of vibrational imbalance.

In order for the Earth to be healthy, all these aspects must be in balance and empowered. If any single elemental force is out of balance, the organism becomes diseased. This is true of humans as well. If any one of our systems is imbalanced it compromises our health and wellbeing. Health, in fact, is a state of dynamic balance between these elemental forces—both in the Earth and in our own organism.

Our ancestors knew the value of this dynamic balance. They spent their lives immersed in the energies of these elemental forces and honored them for their life-giving properties. Days were spent out in the fresh air and sunshine, drinking pure water and eating foods that were grown in harmony with natural law. Today, we spend most of our time isolated from these natural sources of energy, and disease and imbalance are the result. We are taught to be afraid of the sun and its life-giving fire. We eat foods grown on overstressed Earth, depleted of minerals. Our Water is toxic, as is our overly conditioned and polluted air. By separating ourselves from the natural elemental forces and attempting to control them, we have created a tremendous imbalance in both the Earth’s energy and body, and our own.

Healing is a process of restoring a state of dynamic balance to the body and energy systems by moving back into harmony with these natural forces. This state of dynamic balance allows us to respond appropriately to experiences and stimuli we encounter on a daily basis. When we are not able to dynamically respond to these changing energies and experiences, we manifest a host of symptoms including physical, psychological, emotional and energetic disease. In order to restore the state of dynamic balance that is health, we must be brought back into resonance with the full range of healing frequencies available to us through moving back into harmonic vibration with the elemental forces of Gaia.

Crystals and stones can be especially helpful in balancing these elemental forces within the body. Yes, all crystals and stones come from the Earth, but that does not mean all crystals and stones carry only the energy of the Earth element. The Earth planet is made up of stone and rock, yet all of these dynamic elements are present in her total being. Within Gaia’s body, minerals act as resonant ‘cells’ that carry the different frequencies of energy, as represented by the elemental forces. In fact, crystals and stones act as regulators and distributors of electromagnetic (Light) energy throughout the Earth.

The electromagnetic field of the Earth extends over 35,000 miles into space. This Light field (all electromagnetic energy is Light energy) surrounds, permeates and interacts with everyone and everything on the planet—just as our own electromagnetic field (aura) surrounds, permeates and interacts with all of the cells and particles making up our physical bodies. The core of the Earth generates most of this electromagnetic field, just as our hearts generate most of our auric energy field.

The mineral kingdom acts as an electromagnetic distribution system for the Earth. Some minerals are electrical in nature—such as Clear Quartz, which releases an electric charge when it is heated (pyro electric) or when pressure is applied to it (piezo electric). So, as these crystals are heated or squeezed by compression in the Earth’s crust, they release an electrical charge that is distributed through the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Other minerals are more magnetic in nature, such as the naturally magnetic Lodestone (Magnetite). The magnetic energy of these minerals acts to regulate the Earth’s frequency of vibration. So, some stones act as stimulators of the Earth’s energy, and some act as regulating influences upon it.

Each mineral within the Earth vibrates with a specific band of frequency within the full electromagnetic spectrum of the planet. You can think of these frequencies like the color bands in a rainbow, though the color of a stone does not necessarily reveal its resonant frequency. Some minerals vibrate at a very specific and narrow range of frequencies. Others are capable of carrying a much more expanded range of energy. Together, these minerals act to distribute and regulate the energetic field of Gaia, ensuring that her aura remains vibrant and healthy. Crystals and stones carry the entire spectrum of Light energy available to us—from very low-frequency energies we equate with the physical realm, to the extremely high frequencies we equate with spiritual awakening.

When we bring a crystal or stone into our electromagnetic field, two things occur. First, the electromagnetic frequencies carried by that stone will vibrate with related frequencies in our own energy field through the physical law of resonance, creating a third, larger field of vibration. Your nervous system is attuned to these shifts in energy and will transmit this information to your brain, where the frequencies stimulate biochemical shifts that affect the physical body, trigger emotional experiences and shift brain function to open you to spiritual experience.

Second, the tiny particles of minerals in your body that also carry that frequency will move into resonance with the particles of mineral in the stone. This causes your body to believe that you actually have more of that mineral in your body and it will react accordingly with additional biochemical shifts. For instance, if you are holding a calcium-based stone, the calcium particles in your own body will be ‘activated’ by moving into resonance with the calcium in the stone. This will create a third, stronger energetic field that carries the calcium energy signature. Your brain receives this information through the nervous system and reacts accordingly—adjusting your biochemistry as if you actually had more calcium in your physical system. This may trigger physical healing of calcium-imbalance-based illnesses, or it may trigger emotional or even spiritual experiences.

The experience you have when holding a mineral, then, is directly related to its electromagnetic energy signature and the systems of the body, mind, and spirit which resonate at that energetic level. These systems of the body, mind, and spirit are grouped into five categories: physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Each of these aspects is also governed by an elemental force. The physical level of vibration is governed by the Earth element, the energetic is governed by the Fire element, the emotional by the Water element, the mental is governed by the Wind element, and the spiritual is governed by the Storm element. By understanding which level is predominantly affected by the electromagnetic energy of the stone, you can determine the elemental force with which the mineral resonates.

Stones related to the Earth element tend to be resonant with the physical level of our experience—the lower-frequency and magnetic energies. These stones are what we would consider to be ‘grounding’ stones. They help regulate high-frequency energy and create bio-chemical and energetic shifts, enabling one to feel more present in the body and on the Earth. The Earth element governs the structures of our lives—home, job, family structure and financial aspects—and the structure of the body. Earth element stones tend to stimulate and balance the Earthstar chakra (located approximately six to twelve inches below the soles of the feet) and the base chakra (located at the base of the spine). They can be helpful in working on the dense aspects of the body, such as the bones and tissues; or they may be used to support changes in the more established structures of our lives, such as ending long-term relationships, changing careers, moving house, or changing the physical body. These stones also help balance the emotions related to the dense aspects of our lives, such as physical survival, connection to the body, and feelings of being capable and responsible.

When you work with an Earth element stone either in meditation or by simply having the stone within your aura, you will find that these aspects of your life become highlighted. This helps you become more aware of what needs to shift in your life in order for these aspects to come into balance and harmony.

Fire element stones help fortify and balance the energy systems of the body. They govern the flow of energy through the meridians, the vitality of the chakras and, on a more physical level, the reproductive system, digestive system and the endocrine system. Fire element stones affect such aspects of the body as digestion and metabolism, hormonal balance, glandular issues, sexual function and desire, and fertility. The Fire element governs how we experience energy and how we put our own energy into the world. Our second chakra (navel area) and third chakra (solar plexus) are our Fire element energy regulators. On an emotional level, Fire element stones deal with how we use our will and our personal power, our creativity and sexual expression, our ability to take action on our dreams and desires, and anger and fear issues. These stones tend to stimulate the body and energetic field.

Fire element stones tend to highlight issues of creation and manifestation. In order to manifest something, one needs to be able to take action toward one’s vision. If the Fire element is lacking, self-direction usually suffers and one’s ability to create and manifest in the world is compromised. When you work with Fire element stones you can expect to have experiences that will show you where your personal energy may be blocked or misused. By bringing the Fire element back into balance, you can feel more empowered, creative and excited about life.

The Water element governs the emotional body, circulatory system, lymphatic system and the fluids of the body. It helps one to release the past and flow toward the future, to communicate one’s feelings and truth to others, and to feel more love and compassion. The Water element govern the fourth chakra (heart) and fifth chakra (throat). When the Water element is out of balance, one may have difficulty expressing one’s thoughts, opinions, or feelings. Relationships may suffer because of lack of communication. On a physical level, almost all circulatory system and heart issues stem from a Water element imbalance. When you work with Water element stones, you can expect to learn how to communicate more effectively and how to express your true self. Situations may arise in your life that will cause you to have to develop your ability to express yourself or set emotional boundaries. Water element stones assist in maintaining healthy emotional balance and are frequently used to alleviate depression, excessive fear, sleep dysfunction, and hyperactivity. They are often the stones focused upon when relationship issues arise, or when one wants to attract a relationship partner.

The Wind element governs the mental aspect and opens the doorway to the spirit world. It brings messages from the spirit realm in the form of visions, information, or ‘hunches.’ The Wind element governs the sixth chakra (third eye) and crown chakra (at the top of the head). These are the doorways to spiritual vision and mental processes. On a physical level, the Wind element governs the respiratory system and mental cognition. Wind element stones stimulate the respiratory system and enhance brain function and mental abilities. They are often used to facilitate meditation, to support study and learning, and to enhance mental clarity. These stones are excellent for use in breathwork, healing from tobacco use, and for general respiratory difficulties. They tend to sharpen the mind, to enhance mental focus and cognitive ability, and to assist in opening the psychic and intuitive abilities.

When you work with Wind element stones you can expect to learn about maintaining focus, acquiring new skills, expressing your knowledge, and opening your intuitive and psychic abilities.

The Storm element is actually an energy created by the synchronistic combination of the frequencies of the other four elements. Storm energy can activate any chakra or level of the body, mind, and spirit because it carries the energies of all of the elemental forces. The Storm element is generally related to the Soul Star chakra located approximately six inches above the crown of the head. This is the chakra through which we experience our highest spiritual energies and insights.

Storm element stones are used when massive transformation, cleansing, and radical dynamic balancing are called for. These stones often work on many different levels, affecting all of the body’s systems and elemental energies. They are generally used only for short periods of time and in circumstances when one is ready for tremendous change. They often bring up deep patterns to be understood on a conscious level and then cleared. When you invoke Storm by utilizing Storm element stones, you can expect changes in your external world as well as your internal world. People often report radical shifts in their lives when these stones are utilized. Whatever is not in alignment with a state of perfect dynamic balance will be cleared by the energies of Storm element Crystal Allies.

Some stones carry a combination of elemental energies because their chemical composition and vibrations allow them to resonate at a broad range of frequencies. You will notice as you read this book that some stones have more than one elemental designation. In such cases, these stones can be used for either element’s properties. Once you have identified the general elemental force requiring balance, it is best to use your intuition to choose the exact stone or stone combination to address your specific needs.

The practice of utilizing the elemental model with crystals and stones goes into much more depth than this chapter can cover. My students of Crystal Resonance Therapy take over a year of study to become proficient in elemental interactions and applications. With the basic understanding of stone and elemental energies I have provided here, you should be able to begin your own playful exploration of this powerful system of crystal energy application. I wish you bright blessings on your journey with your own Crystal Allies!

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