Dying to Know: Ram Dass & Timothy Leary

Posted by – June 29, 2015
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Gay Dillingham’s film about the relationship between Leary and Dass before Leary’s death is coming to Bay Area theaters July 10th!


Opening July 10th

Dying to Know: Ram Dass & Timothy Leary is turning on in the Bay Area in just a couple of weeks. Make note that during the opening weekend the film makers and members of the conscious community will be present after select shows for a Q and A with a short discussion.

The film will be playing at the following theaters:

The Roxie in San Francisco
Click here to purchase tickets.

The Elmwood in Berkeley
Click here to purchase tickets.

The Rialto in Sebastopol
Click here to purchase tickets.

The Smith Rafael Film Center in San Rafael
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After our theatrical run there will of course be a DVD and a streaming release. Please be patient and know it will happen.

Buy your tickets in advance for opening weekend because they will be going fast!

Winner of the Impact Award at the Illuminate Film Festival

“Your film changed lives—and the ripples here still are reflecting that. We are ever so grateful to have had the film, and both of your loving & light-filled energies here with us—truly your whole package is what we are working to embody at ILLUMINATE! Your ‘impact’ will be continuing to spread far and wide with paradigm shifting results felt in all hearts.”


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