Die Wise: Lost Nation Road

Posted by – November 23, 2016
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Speaking at venues across the continent, Stephen Jenkinson—author of Die Wiseexamines the three most critical questions his book asks:

Why is it so hard to die?

Why do we have to learn how to do it?

Why, if dying is so common, is it so much a mysterious, troubling thing among us?

Jenkinson encourages his readers to experience grief and death in a more meaningful way. Die Wise advocates a bold engagement with a part of the human experience that is often more endured than lived.

Stephen Jenkinson, MTS, MSW, is a sought-after workshop leader, speaker, and consultant to palliative care and hospice organizations. A former hospital director and medical school assistant professor, he is the founder of The Orphan Wisdom School in Canada, and the subject of the documentary films Griefwalker and Die Wise: Lost Nation Road.

Die Wise: Lost Nation Road is scheduled to be released later this year. Last year, Jenkinson invited media activist and filmmaker Ian Mackenzie to join the tour. Mackenzie began filming last October, without any idea of where this film would take them. The documentary features Jenkinson speaking about the fear of the unknown, as well as the adventures in between each lecture with guitarist Gregory Hoskins. In only 60 minutes, Mackenzie captures Jenkinson’s enthralling approach to his lectures.

To learn more about Die Wise, Stephen Jenkinson, and Die Wise: Lost Nation Road, check out the teaser trailer here, and stay tuned for more events!

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