Can Astrology Help You Find True Love?

Posted by – February 12, 2015
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Shiva Das, author of Divine Love Astrology, shares some wisdom on how astrology can help you find a compatible lover… 

Dear Lovers,

I sincerely believe that all people and all Signs are compatible. I also believe that some relationships are more work than others. But we shouldn’t be afraid of hard work, which often brings growth.

People often ask me about compatibility, and I tell them, “If you want to know who your soul mate is, don’t ask your astrologer, ask your heart!” Once you’re in a relationship, then come to your astrologer and he or she can help you understand and work out the dynamics of the relationship.

We don’t always know what we need. We are attracted to people for different reasons, usually because they represent something that we need or want in ourselves. I do think that careful consideration should be given to any relationship before you get too involved, and an astrologer can help you see what in your tendencies may cause you to be attracted to this or that person. We look for others to complete us in some way, and a good relationship does just that. But there can be unhealthy motives, and these should be examined and seen for what they are.

People who want to be in a relationship are often searching. They look out and see another person searching or available and think, ah maybe? This kind of attraction almost never works out because one thinks the other person will offer something he or she lacks. People should go to astrologers so that they can know themselves and work on finding their own wholeness within. That is when we are able to be in a healthy relationship.

We are attractive, whether we are trying to be or not. And what we attract corresponds to our spiritual state within. If we lack self-respect, self-worth, self-confidence, emotional resolution, self-honesty, or practical sense, to name a few spiritual essentials, we attract a complement to that lack, and we can delude ourselves into thinking another person can give these qualities to us. Happiness is a spiritual state that only exists within us, so why do we always look outside of ourselves to find it? A good astrologer can help you to understand yourself and see what spiritual essentials may be motivating your search and will help you find the self-respect, self-worth, self-confidence, etc. within yourself that will make you very attractive, in the right way. When you work on yourself, other people, rather than (consciously or subconsciously) seeing you as someone who is available and can perhaps satisfy their needs, will then see you for who you are and appreciate your wholeness. This is the right kind of attraction, for it will attract wholeness in return and a relationship based on mutual respect. This can produce mutual satisfaction, not because you are fulfilling each other’s needs as much as because you are supporting each other’s wholeness.

For those of you already in relationships, hopefully, your relationships are mutually fulfilling. If not, might I offer some advice? Whenever you get into a relationship with another, it is like getting on a seesaw.

Once you are in a relationship, on that seesaw, you only have to walk into the room where the other person is and the dynamics of that relationship kick in, whether you want them to or not. If the relationship is not a good one, you feel caught. You are stuck on that seesaw and can’t get off. But perhaps you would like to get off the seesaw or change the relationship. How do you do it? What is the safe way to get off of a seesaw? You can try to jump, leave the relationship. But, this is dangerous. The seesaw can come up and hit you on the chin and you could hurt yourself. Or, you can hurt the other by letting him or her down too hard.

The safe way to get off a seesaw is to get up and walk to the center. As you do so, the other person is gently let down. Once you are at the center, the other person can either walk to the center to join or safely leave. It is a choice.

The analogy here is that, whether you want to be in a relationship or are already in one, the work is to find your own center, to be as complete a person within yourself as you can. In this way you can function in a healthy relationship and will attract another who is whole enough to nurture and support you in return.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Shiva Das

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