Author: Maren Fox

Maren began her publishing career as an intern at Counterpoint and Soft Skull Press, where she stayed on for more than four years as a publicist and web coordinator. She joined the NAB team in 2015 and is still stoked about it—she gets to read her Rob Brezsny horoscope (Scorpio)​ before anyone else! Maren lives in Oakland with a monstrous Maine Coon and spends the majority of her spare time convincing him to not eat all of her houseplants. Sometimes she has time to write, paint things, garden, or repair furniture.​

Heart Yoga: Celebrate the Joy of Creation in the New Year

Winter and the renewal it brings is a time for repose, reflection, and awakening. To be awake is to revere, cherish, and recognize each created thing and the creation itself as different facets of the transcendent diamond of the One. For this time, we share with you a yoga sequence from Heart Yoga by Andrew Harvey and Karuna Erickson, designed …continue

A Birthday Prayer from Matthew Fox

Guest post by Matthew Fox, author of Confessions We need to remember that Christmas Day is not so much a birthday party for the baby Jesus in the year 2015—an exercise in nostalgia, certainly—so much as it is a birthday party for the Christ in all of us, the Buddha nature in all of us, …continue

Rich Raw Chocolate & Vanilla Torte

This one’s for all you chocolate lovers out there! While I enjoy most sweets, I LOVE chocolate. Dessert never seems quite complete—and sometimes is just too sweet—without the stuff. As the trusted dessert-bringer (if you misread that as dessert-binger that wouldn’t be far off the mark, either), whenever I bake for Thanksgiving I make sure to have a good balance …continue

Infographic: Coral Bleaching

Last month, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declared a global coral bleaching event. Find out more about coral bleaching and what you can do to prevent it in this infographic inspired by Liz Cunningham‘s Ocean Country:    

Psychotropic Drugs and Mass Murder

Excerpt from Nine Dimensions of Madness by Robert L. Gallon, PhD   In his newest book Nine Dimensions of Madness, Dr. Robert Gallon reframes the mental health debate by challenging the widely held notion that mental disorders are medical diseases. Drawing on his extensive experience as a psychologist who has worked with thousands of patients, he argues that there are no …continue

Matthew Fox on Being Silenced by the Vatican

With today’s release of the revised edition of Confessions, North Atlantic Books is kicking off Matthew Fox’s month-long blog tour celebrating its publication with a Q&A about his experience being expelled from the vatican. Confessions tells the inside story of what it was like “standing in front of the train” when the Vatican was on the attack and highlights …continue