Author: Maren Fox

Maren began her publishing career as an intern at Counterpoint and Soft Skull Press, where she stayed on for more than four years as a publicist and web coordinator. She joined the NAB team in 2015 and is still stoked about it—she gets to read her Rob Brezsny horoscope (Scorpio)​ before anyone else! Maren lives in Oakland with a monstrous Maine Coon and spends the majority of her spare time convincing him to not eat all of her houseplants. Sometimes she has time to write, paint things, garden, or repair furniture.​

The Cannabis Manifesto – An Infographic!

Steve DeAngelo’s book The Cannabis Manifesto is based around eight central tenets. You can explore these points, and some of the research behind them, in this nifty infographic. For a more in-depth experience, pick up a copy of the book! Infographic created by Maren Fox.

What Kind of Person Do You Want to Be?

Seeking to reconcile the split between our inner child and our adult self, Jacob Needleman follows the ancient spiritual tradition of engaging in a conversation between a guiding wisdom figure and a younger self—an initiation he feels is missing from our culture—in his newest book, I Am Not I. He engages in this tradition be means of a dialogue …continue

The Second Chakra: Sexuality and the Feminist Philosophy of Nondualism

Talking about evil is difficult, Matthew Fox says, because our language about evil needs to evolve to meet our times. Thus, Fox proposes a new language for understanding evil in his revised edition of Sins of the Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh, wherein he explains how the chakras teach us to direct the love-energies we all possess and proposes seven …continue

Junius Williams on the Power of Stories

This month, we look back on the history of the Black experience in America. We look back to remind ourselves that the Dream is yet to be achieved—that there is an unfinished agenda. We look back to educate new generations of this history, and to re-ground ourselves in this revolutionary tradition. Listed among Ebony’s “100 Most Influential Blacks in America,” Junius …continue

Don’t Just Sit There!

We know all too well the health hazards that arise from too much sitting. But maybe you don’t: In 2010, a revealing prospective study on the detrimental effects of sitting—

Sneak Peek: Spiritual Balancing

Check out this exclusive sneak peek from Diana Burney’s Spiritual Balancing: A Guidebook for Living in the Light, which will be available in stores next Tuesday (January 12th)! How to Cope with the Ascension Process The word “ascension” generally refers to a physically upward motion through space. However, in the context of human spiritual evolution, …continue