Author: Maren Fox

Maren began her publishing career as an intern at Counterpoint and Soft Skull Press, where she stayed on for more than four years as a publicist and web coordinator. She joined the NAB team in 2015 and is still stoked about it—she gets to read her Rob Brezsny horoscope (Scorpio)​ before anyone else! Maren lives in Oakland with a monstrous Maine Coon and spends the majority of her spare time convincing him to not eat all of her houseplants. Sometimes she has time to write, paint things, garden, or repair furniture.​

New Release: Mushroom Essences

What are Mushroom Essences? Much like like flower essences, mushroom essences are medicinal liquids that can cure illnesses of the mind, body and spirit. Flower essences are frequently used by alternative health practitioners and represent solar energy, a tool for bringing light into the darkness. Mushroom essences are less widely known and represent lunar energy, a gateway to the underworld …continue

New Release: Invisible Rainbow

In the last few decades, the public perception of acupuncture has shifted from one of skepticism to one of acceptance. While this therapy has proven its efficacy in treating a number of chronic conditions, a scientific basis for understanding how it works has previously remained elusive. In his new book Invisible Rainbow, physicist Changlin Zhang translates the …continue

New Release: A Curious History of Vegetables

Anyone who’s heard the phrase “freedom fries” knows that we humans have the propensity to imbue pretty much anything and everything with layers of complex meaning. In this way, vegetables take on lives of their own, overlaid with social, political, gendered, and emotional symbolism. Even potatoes have surprising secret histories, representing and contributing to cultural …continue

Recipe Monday: Miner’s Lettuce & Eggplant-Chickpea Balls

Did you know there are many forgotten, rare, and hardly known lettuce greens? These are completely edible and delicious plants that we often write off as weeds—but they’re not! Many can be found on a hike, right in your yard, and possibly even in your garden. One of my favorites—which is easily found in California—is miner’s lettuce (or Claytonia …continue

New Release: Letters from the Yoga Masters

Before there were yoga studios on every block, and before learning yoga stances was as easy as searching Google or watching YouTube tutorials, there was only one way to learn the true techniques of yoga: from the masters. And if you wanted to learn yoga from them, you began by writing a letter. Dr. Hari …continue

3 Simple Face Masks for Natural Beauty

Beauty doesn’t have to cost a small fortune! With these three simple facial mask recipes, all it takes is a trip to the produce section at your local grocery store—or just your pantry!—to treat our most common skin problems and enhance our natural beauty: Avocado Mask For dry skin You will need: 1 ripe avocado 1 …continue