Author: Marina Snyder

Marina is the Marketing & Digital Programs Coordinator at North Atlantic Books. After living in New Orleans and Amsterdam, and exploring a couple of continents, she returned to the San Francisco Bay Area to work at NAB. She's passionate about astrology, nonfiction books, and sustainable living, as well as all things metaphysical.

New Release: Talking Story

Talking Story is the extraordinary journey of an unwitting heroine, whose adventure is a testament that the greatest exploration we will ever make is traversing our inner landscape. Such an expedition requires unflinching surrender and a courageous heart. Marie-Rose bravely and fiercely exemplifies both. –Dr. Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey, National Geographic Explorer and award-winning filmmaker of …continue

New Release: Shang Yun-Xiang Style Xingyiquan

Li Wen-Bin was a legendary figure in the Chinese martial arts world and the founder of Shang Pai Xingyiquan. Derived from his training under Grandmaster Shang Yun-Xiang, Shang Yun-Xiang Style Xingyiquan clearly breaks down the fundamentals of those movements and forms found in all of Xingyiquan (and other internal martial arts). It also clarifies many common …continue

New Release: Myofascial Release Therapy

More and more of the 100 million Americans who suffer from chronic pain are turning to complementary therapies like massage and yoga, but some may be hesitant to take the plunge into trying less familiar approaches. And building strong, trusting relationships between client and therapist can make or break a bodywork experience, especially during the …continue

New Release: The Ayahuasca Test Pilots Handbook

I can’t imagine that anyone besides Chris Kilham could write the definitive guide to using ayahuasca. In this book, Chris shares his vast knowledge base and experience with la medicina in a way that’s informative, entertaining, and enlightening. — Robyn Griggs Lawrence, natural-living advocate and former editor of Natural Home magazine Ayahuasca, the Amazonian psychoactive …continue

New Release: Listening to the Heart

Genuine and insightful, Listening to the Heart is both a memoir and a clear guide to authentic practice. Kittisaro and Thanissara unfold the layers of their experience to share their understanding, from deep inner processes to vital social and relational aspects of living a good life.                       …continue

New Release: Healing Magic, 10th Anniversary Edition

Healing Magic reminds me that all things are infused with life. Robin Rose Bennett’s book is a wonderful treasure, clearly written, down to earth, and inspiring. —Rosemary Gladstar, author of Herbal Healing for Women In the herbal community, Robin Rose Bennett is second to none. Her deeply spiritual outlook, decades of clinical experience, and a …continue