Author: Julia Kent

After graduating from UC Berkeley in 2007, Julia was delighted to find out that “professional book recommender” was a job. She has been working in marketing and publicity with independent Bay Area publishers ever since. She joined North Atlantic Books in 2014. She lives with her husband and two very nice cats in Oakland.

Adam Bucko: How Youth Leaders Can Address the Climate Crisis

Last December, the Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW) held a side event at the COP21 conference in Paris entitled “The Inner Dimensions of Climate Change – Spiritual Perspectives.” The event featured a presentation by Vandana Shiva, and conversations with Acarya Judy Lief, Father Michael Holleran, and Adam Bucko, among many other spiritual leaders and practitioners. In this …continue

Five Easy Ways to Connect with Your Heart

We spend so much of our time living in our heads and not our hearts. It can take some practice to reengage with our bodies. This short and simple exercise in connecting with the heart appears in Jalaja Bonheim’s book The Sacred Ego: Making Peace With Ourselves and Our World, which is part of our Sacred Activism series.   …continue

New Release: Embodied Being by Jeffrey Maitland

A certified Advanced Rolfer (one of seven in the world), Jeffrey Maitland, PhD, has more than thirty years of experience in manual therapy on which to base his latest book, Embodied Being: The Philosophical Roots of Manual Therapy. In it, he sets out to determine what makes a truly life-altering bodywork session. In addition to drawing upon his many years …continue

Gabor Maté to present in Recovery 2.0 this February

This February Recovery 2.0 will be hosting a free virtual summit featuring twenty-five addiction and recovery experts sharing cutting edge information. Dr. Gabor Maté, author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, will be presenting his talk “Your Pain: The Call to Healing.” In an interview with the Fix, founder Tommy Rosen describes Recovery 2.0 as “a …continue

7 GMO Myths Debunked by Vandana Shiva

Taiwan is the latest on the growing list of countries that are increasing limits on, or outright banning, genetically modified food. As more countries and individuals are opting against genetically engineered crops, international agribusinesses continue to insist that GMOs are the only realistic solution to the world food crisis. Here, in an exclusive excerpt from her new …continue