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We’re happy to announce that NAB is now offering audiobooks! Below, you can read more about the titles we have available in this new format.


Dispelling Wetiko

DispellingWetiko_PaulLevy_CoverWith nearly 1 in 4 adults suffering from a diagnosable mental disorder, individual psychosis has become a prominent topic in the public forum. Paul Levy‘s Dispelling Wetiko explores the underlying collective psychosis that pervades our modern civilization, and illumines how our species-wide madness is informing the evil that is being enacted in our modern world.

Drawing on insights from Jungian psychology, shamanism, alchemy, spiritual wisdom traditions, and personal experience, author Paul Levy discovered a unique healing pathway out of his misdiagnosed “psychosis.” In the book, he shows us that hidden within the venom of “wetiko”—the Native American word for the collective mind-virus—is its own antidote, which once recognized can help us wake up and bring sanity back to ourselves and our society.

The Dispelling Wetiko audiobook is available on our website as well as through Audible, iTunes, Downpour, eMusic, and


The Emissary

The EmissaryIn her debut novel, Patricia Cori weaves her visionary message into a page-turning fantasy adventure that speaks to the very soul of the planet.

Jamie Hastings, a renowned psychic researcher and telepath, forges a deep soul connection with the dying whales that leads to her troubled journey at sea as a consultant for USOIL, a Texas based oil company that’s drilling in the most pristine waters of the Pacific Northwest, looking for oil—or so it seems. A bizarre unfolding of events aboard ship sparks the unraveling of a truly evil plan of a secret government that is intent upon silencing the music of the oceans and destroying all life on the planet.

One woman has been chosen to be the voice of the creatures of the sea. The question is: Is there still time for her to stop it?

The Emissary audiobook is available on our website as well as through Audible, iTunes, Downpour, eMusic,, and Audiobooks Now.


The Leadership Dojo

9781583942017Describing leadership as both a role and a way of life, Richard Strozzi-Heckler provides a refreshing alternative to the glut of quick-fix motivational books that are becoming all too familiar. Strozzi-Heckler’s The Leadership Dojo finally shares the same teachings that he has brought to Fortune 500 executives, top-ranked military leaders, and social entrepreneurs. His unique blend of martial arts mastery with time-tested business strategies has worked for tens of thousands of clients.

Based on the increasingly popular bodywork method of somatics (a unity of language, action, energy, and meaning), Strozzi-Heckler provides an innovative approach to leadership that allows practitioners to take new actions that increase trust, motivation, and effectiveness in their organization.

The Leadership Dojo audiobook is available on our website as well as through Audible, iTunes, Downpour, eMusic,, and Audiobooks Now.


The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible

More Beautiful World cover

In a time of social and ecological crisis, what can we as individuals do to make the world a better place? This inspirational and thought-provoking book serves as an empowering antidote to the cynicism, frustration, paralysis, and overwhelm so many of us are feeling, replacing it with a grounding reminder of what’s true: we are all connected, and our small, personal choices bear unsuspected transformational power.

Throughout the book, Charles Eisenstein relates real-life stories showing how small, individual acts of courage, kindness, and self-trust can change our culture’s guiding narrative of separation, which has generated the present planetary crisis. Above all, Eisenstein invites us to embrace a radically different understanding of cause and effect and surrender our old worldview so that we can finally create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible audiobook is available on our website as well as through Audible, iTunes, Downpour, eMusic,, and Audiobooks Now.


Spiritual Bypassing

9781556439056Spiritual bypassing—the use of spiritual beliefs and practices to avoid dealing with painful feelings, unresolved wounds, and developmental needs—is so pervasive that it goes largely unnoticed. In Spiritual BypassingRobert Augustus Masters reveals how to identify and move beyond the obstacles that hold us back from living life fully and clarifies a healthier direction for contemporary spirituality.

A groundbreaking work, Spiritual Bypassing offers insight and solutions to a long-neglected aspect of our spiritual lives. Masters uses an engaging writing style and draws upon decades of experience as a practicing psychotherapist to provide a vision for a non-escapist, mature spirituality—one that is as grounded as it is liberating. Masters offers an in-depth look at how spiritual bypassing can prevent us from achieving authentic spirituality and offers practical advice for how to overcome these psychological roadblocks.

The Spiritual Bypassing audiobook is available on our website as well as through Audible, iTunes, Downpour, eMusic,, and Audiobooks Now.

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