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With summer just around the corner, many of us are busy preparing for that long-awaited trip, whether it be stocking up on necessary supplies or shedding a few extra pounds. Oftentimes overlooked, however, are the physical dangers of traveling, which vary according to travel distance, trip duration, and location. Ravi Roy and Carola Lage-Roy, experienced homeopathic practitioners, have written the inclusive book, Homeopathic Guide for Travelers, in order to address homeopathic remedies for health and safety. Covering a diverse range of topics from nutrition to first aid and sunburn to poisonous plants, this handy book has a solution to all possible health and safety issues which may arise during your summer travels. Take a look at some of these versatile tips and remedies that will be sure to keep you feeling in top-shape while traveling by air, water, or land!

Traveling by Air

Alleviating Anxiety and Air Sickness

To soothe panic or anxiety, take GELSEMIUM 200, one dose daily, for a week before your flight. The condition of panic can be treated at any time, so you are ready to fly at the drop of a hat. The recommended treatment for one week normally does the job. If a queasy feeling comes up as your next flight approaches, take a dose or two more. For fear accompanied by a sinking feeling in the stomach while landing or during atmospheric turbulence, take one dose daily of BORAX 200 for three days before the flight. Normally this takes care of the anxiety. Repeat during the flight, if necessary. To avoid air sickness, including earaches, headaches (generally of a neuralgic origin), or nausea when taking off and landing, take one dose of BELLADONNA 200 six to twelve hours before the flight and a second dose just before takeoff. The remedy works very quickly, so you can also take it on the plane if the symptoms arise.

Protection from Cosmic Rays

Air passengers are subjected to radioactivity and other cosmic rays during a flight, especially near the poles. Some people are more sensitive than others. For these people, and also for children, pregnant women, frequent fliers, and those with heart problems, we recommend one dose of RADIUM BROMATUM 200 a few days before the trip.

Preventing Thrombosis, or “Tourist Class Syndrome”

Sitting within the confines of a limited area without much movement for an extended period of time impairs blood circulation and causes the blood to accumulate in the feet and lower legs. This can lead to blood clots, especially for members of the high-risk group. After the flight, these blood clots can be released and carried to the heart, lungs, or brain with deadly effect. There were sixty-one sudden deaths in 1986 at Heathrow Airport in London; eighteen percent were caused by a lung embolus. This danger lurks not only on long flights in tourist class, but also in overcrowded buses and cars. The phenomenon was first noted in 1940 in London in the underground railway stations during the extended air raids.

Traveling on Land

The best way to avoid nausea or vomiting when traveling by car, bus, or train is to eat moderately. If traveling in the early morning, drink a cup of tea (good old black tea). Later in the day some bread with a little cheese and another cup of tea will keep you perked up. Take one dose of COCCULUS INDICA 200 every day for three days before each trip. The dosage does not eliminate the tendency to experience travel sickness, so it must be repeated for each trip. A constitutional treatment is necessary for a lifelong cure.

Traveling by Sea

People likely to suffer from seasickness should stay in the middle of the boat where the least rocking movements are felt. A little change in food habits can be of immense help. Avoid all candy and sticky, fatty sweets. Eat moderately, reducing heavy fats and carbohydrates. If you are very nauseous and have an empty stomach, slowly eat some bread with cheese or just plain bread. As a preventive, take one dose of TABACUM 200 every day beginning four to five days before departure. If nausea comes on during a storm, repeat at short intervals and then every time the nausea returns. If TABACUM is ineffective or not available, drink small amounts of seawater. Do this only in open water.

In just these succinct paragraphs, every type of travel is covered. However, if your trip involves more extreme environmental conditions, Homeopathic Guide for Travelers has solutions for you too! Special attention within the book is given to remedies for common injuries sustained while backpacking, climbing or diving, infectious diseases, and poisonous plant and insect bite reactions. The excerpts below are just a few of the numerous remedies offered in the book!

Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is caused by a virus in tropical areas of Africa and South America. It is transmitted by bites of the mosquito Aedesaegypti. This virus multiplies only when the air temperature is very warm.

Differential Diagnosis

One must differentiate yellow fever from malaria, typhoid fever, hepatitis, dengue fever, and arsenic poisoning.

Protection against the Yellow Fever Vaccine

If a yellow fever vaccination is required to enter a country and you have no possibility of avoiding it, then you should protect yourself as follows. Take one dose of YELLOW FEVER NOSODE 200 one day before and immediately after the vaccination. If you still feel that your body is suffering from the toxic effects of the serum, then you may take one dose daily for a few days.

Homeopathic Protection

A double dose of YELLOW FEVER NOSODE 200 protects from the disease for at least six months. Regular consumption of lemons, even as highly diluted juice, is supposed to prevent yellow fever. If the disease occurs, its effects can be made milder through copious use of lemons.

Homeopathic Treatment

The first and second phases of yellow fever are very distinct. During the first phase, the body may recover on its own or with the help of a homeopathic medicine. The homeopathic treatment of the two phases is also very different. We are giving a detailed homeopathic treatment of the first phase, as it is our aim that with the help of homeopathy and general management, you will always be able to avoid the second and dangerous stage of the disease. The homeopathic treatment of the second stage is not within the scope of this book. Medicines such as ACONITE and BELLADONNA are remedial to the disease in the first phase, because of its nontoxic nature. The followup treatment of yellow fever is of utmost importance because of the likelihood of the second stage setting in without notice. This is especially true in the case of people with weakened immune systems, and in cases where general management has been more or less neglected. Therefore we have indicated the starting remedies and the appropriate follow-up treatment for each one.

ACONITE as First Remedy

A short, intense chill stage is clearly defined, quickly followed by high fever characterized by suddenness and intensity. The patient is restless and may have fear of death. The skin is hot and dry and the pulse is full and firm. The patient is very thirsty for cold water and wants a lot of it. The face is red but may become pale when the patient sits up. The patient is weak and when getting up may require support to prevent fainting.

Dosage: Even one dose of ACONITE 200 can set up the healing in a very short time. The patient calms down and soon falls asleep. After a few hours the crisis sets in with considerable perspiration, and the fever drops. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the dosage every hour until the above process starts. In any case, ACONITE should be stopped as soon as the patient quiets down and falls asleep. Very often the patient will wake up the next morning feeling free of the disease. After the fever has been successfully overcome with ACONITE, take the following homeopathic precautions in order to prevent a relapse.

SULFUR: Use this if the patient is still weak or apathetic or has no appetite. Give SULFUR 200 twice a day until the patient’s strength and appetite return. Often, one dose is enough.

BRYONIA: This medicine should be given every six hours, if the patient has no inclination to get up, but prefers to lie quietly and not be disturbed. BRYONIA 200 should be repeated until obvious improvement is noted.


Depending on the circumstances surrounding the boils, any of the following remedies may be needed.


Give this when many small boils appear after great physical exertion, sometimes with a sore feeling.

Dosage: Give the patient one dose of ARNICA 200 twice a day.


This is indicated when the boils are very sensitive to touch. There is soreness all over; the patient feels as if he’s been beaten. The general condition is strongly affected as well, and the veins may be taut and feel sore.

Dosage: Give one dose of BELLIS PERENNIS 200 twice a day.

Of course, these remedies are to be used only in the case of sickness. Homeopathic Guide for Travelers also offers readers precautionary tips on how to avoid getting sick altogether! From diet tips to travel advice, readers will be left wondering how they ever traveled without this indispensable resource.

What are your travel plans this summer? Do you have any words of wisdom to share?

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