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Posted by – March 18, 2015
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Guest Post by Shiva Das

As exposure to astrology becomes ever more widespread in our modern society, in order for it to be considered more than just a parlor trick, it is necessary that a new understanding and use of astrology should arise as well. It would serve us more to avoid using astrology to impress or convince people to believe in the supernatural and rather use it to inspire people to believe in what is natural.

As our dependence on the Earth and the health of its natural environment is ever more frequently placed in the window of our consciousness, it is necessary that we look to the laws of Nature for our answers.

Astrology is born of a study of the laws of Nature, whose task is to maintain balance. The Zodiac is a depiction that illustrates the laws of polarities, the contrasting characteristics of the Elements and how they relate to each other, and alludes to how to resolve imbalances and bring about harmony. Pollution, climate change, and depletion of our natural resources are forcing us to see that we are part of a greater reality that affects and is affected by us. This is currently causing a grass roots revolution in consciousness to take place.

Most commonly, astrology is thought of as a predictive tool that can be used to forecast the undercurrent atmosphere and help us to prepare to meet events and handle relationships with conscious awareness and resolution, and this is all well and good and helpful. However in these critical times it would be far more helpful if we could deepen our understanding of astrology in a way that expands our awareness so that, not only does it help us to deal with our personal issues, it also enables us to deal effectively with the global issues, which presently seem beyond our capacity to affect.

In the revolution in consciousness that I see taking place, we are moving from self-absorbed, individual concerns to collective, global concerns. The current slow transit of Eris through the Sign of Aries (from 1922 to 2048) indicates that, in the evolution of consciousness on the collective level, people are learning to take full responsibility for themselves; this implies, through the Libra polarity to Aries, becoming consciously aware of their relationship to others.

Astrology is born of an intuitive understanding of Nature and its cycles. Human development has caused astrology to evolve into what it is today. What I would like to talk about here is that the road from a place is also the road that leads back to that place. The road that led to astrology’s current use as perhaps a predictive tool, or as an aid in understanding personality, compatibility, and cycles, also leads back to the intuitive understanding that created it. It is astrology’s ability to help us understand intuition’s potential to affect global issues that I wish to discuss.

The apparent purpose that life gave to every living thing is to exist in ways that help life as a whole to ever continue. Every constituent of Nature contributes in some way to the benefit of the greater whole of existence. Astrology, as this article explains, can be used to inform us in how to live in a way that results in a collectively positive, healthy, balanced, and sustainable future.

Using astrology as a contemplative science, it can reveal and reconnect us with our inherent intuitive knowing that inspires understanding and gives a universal meaning to life. The potential that astrology holds here is to help us to live ever more consciously in the now.

We cannot go back, we can only go forward. Yet by looking to the road back to perceive as the ancient peoples perceived—who saw no separation between the spiritual and material worlds and were able to observe the harmony in the laws of polarities demonstrated in the balanced interactions between the four elements—we can go forward with the added benefit of their understanding.

Not to be confused with religion, astrology’s real potential can be realized when we see that the original astrologers were seekers of truth and meditators who looked to the stars and Nature. Through contemplation they saw how the universe worked, not through what we think of as a scientific process, but through humankind’s inherent capacity of intuition. This inherent intuition is what is natural, and we should use astrology to reconnect with it, now more than ever.



Shiva Das is the co-author of Divine Love Astrology: Revealing Spiritual Truth for Personal Transformation. He is also a full-time astrologer in Baja, Mexico.

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