“Accepting Responsibility for Your Spiritual Power” from The Enlightenment Quest and the Art of Happiness

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by John Maxwell Taylor



The following is an excerpt from The Enlightenment Quest and the Art of Happiness: Mastering Life through Higher Power by John Maxwell Taylor.


Accepting Responsibility for Your Spiritual Power

In this book, we are sharing with you what we have learned and use ourselves in our enlightenment quest constantly throughout the day. Within these pages you will find tools and insights to help order (at least for yourself) the chaos of modern life, while maintaining and building up your sense of self. You will also discover new ideas about the laws of manifestation, based upon what I learned as a member of the Findhorn Community in Scotland and my implementation of the training I received there after leaving that dynamic “University of Light,” putting what I learned into practice in the world at large. We shall also be looking at some of the sweeping changes going on in the mythic restructuring of our collective understanding in regard to where the human race has come from and the subtle influences of other dimensions (both up-line and down-line from us) upon our consciousness in this world. In order to understand what is driving the move toward consciousness, and what is holding it back, we need a broad perspective of the destiny of the world from a spiritual point of view. How can we expect to master life if we don’t understand the cosmologically rooted forces that are shaping the future destiny of the human race and the source of those elements that are resisting it?

We can train ourselves to be filled with a power and presence unknown to the masses. The tremendous international tensions sweeping the world at present are mirrored in the stresses preoccupying most people due to lack of true self-identity, while they are being driven from the outside, by the frenetic pace of life, as opposed to being calm and internally motivated. By detaching ourselves from the waves of change, and not identifying with a limited view of life and the world as most people see it, we can create a parallel reality, a world of our own in which we understand and can take advantage of laws that are superior to those ruling the mass consciousness. This point of view is not elitist. It is rooted in spiritual maturity and the wisdom that is the foundation of a permanent connection with higher power through acceptance of the personal responsibility to live a self-masterful life.

Our task is to demonstrate the future possibility for the human race; to build the new world by embodying it within ourselves. By anchoring ourselves in a higher reality and speaking and acting from that place, we extend to others the possibility of experiencing the same within themselves, at least temporarily. In such moments, we will often see an agitated person drop their agenda, switch from attacker to ally, eager to establish a rapport with us without knowing why they feel so compelled. The reason is that whether they know it or not, every living creature, no matter how trapped in delusion, wants to escape from their limitations, breathe in an atmosphere of higher possibilities, and reconnect with their soul.

When people say cruel things or express negativity toward us, even hatred, we must remember that in reality their behavior is a cry for help. They want us to help them be free from acting in such an inferior manner. By acquiring the self-mastery aspects of non-reactivity and noncooperation with wrongdoing, we emanate a courageous healing power that will make the perpetrator (of sociological crimes against themselves) embarrassed before their soul that they are acting immaturely. When this happens, a split-second of transformational possibility can appear in their consciousness that changes not only their behavior but also the world at large, because in that instant, the energy of peace and reconciliation is manifesting.

For you and me, operating as instruments of a higher power that initiates such transformation in the world, there can be an instant payoff. Each time we remember ourselves and come to presence under pressure, our value to life increases. We feel flooded with a powerful sense of certainty that shifting external circumstances cannot shake us out of. It is as if our existence registers at a higher level on some cosmic stock exchange, and our consciousness expands, as does the magnetic center at the core of our being. And this increased magnetism enables us to attract our greater good from the universe, automatically, as payment for our working with the higher laws that override the lower ones.

We began this chapter by speculating that the legends and stories we heard in childhood made us dream of possessing magical powers ourselves, and might be an inspiration to make us long for mastery over the perceived world. We have seen for ourselves, through the finger-growing exercise, that we are indeed capable of having some control over matter by the power of focused awareness. In the coming chapters, this exploration into self-mastery is expanded. We wish to give you a sweeping set of insights, tools, and techniques that will help you to recognize, focus upon, and bring into your life all that you need to connect with the higher power that lies just behind the surface of appearances. We are also going to look at new models of reality, as well as the world as it is at the moment, trapped in the delusion of its complexity, crying out for new mythologies. Members of the human race desperately need a fresh understanding of why we are here, where we’ve come from, the purpose of life, and above all we need to find ways to answer the eternal question “Who am I?” through the direct experience of the living truth within ourselves.

You can learn to move through the increasing complexities of modern life in a state of such focused self-awareness that the dualities of the world no longer have the power to pull you off-center.

Those who have attained self-mastery live from a place beyond the play of opposites. They understand Shakespeare’s injunction to “set death in one eye and honor in the other and look upon both indifferently.” And as said by Carl Gustav Jung, a psychological avatar of the Western world, “reality lies at the point of tension between the opposites.” This is the place where we connect with our innate divinity . . . and access the Power of I Am.

As we move forward together to explore ways to connect with that higher reality, particularly in the midst of daily life, we are going to do this as if we had already attained a high degree of self-mastery and can embody Paramahansa Yogananda’s classic injunction that we learn to stand unshaken amidst the crash of falling worlds. There is no need to struggle with dysfunctional, outmoded paradigms. All that doesn’t work on this planet, all that does not serve the greater good, will eventually fall away by itself. Sri Yukteswar used to say (I’m paraphrasing here), “Forget the past. Everything in the future will improve if you are making the right effort now.” Our task is to build the new world, and we begin that monumental task by restructuring our inner world—by building and embodying the best of the future here, now, today, within ourselves. In doing this, we are embarking upon the greatest journey of all . . . the high road to the source of all happiness through enlightened self-mastery.

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