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New Release: Rawlicious Superfoods

In their new book Rawlicious Superfoods, authors and raw food chefs Peter and Beryn Daniel present an invaluable resource for anyone looking to explore a raw food diet. Revered by ancient cultures and verified by science, superfoods are emerging today as a radically simple solution to widespread nutritional deficiencies. Complete with in-depth information about seventeen of the …continue

Rainbow Salad with Raspberry Dressing from Rawlicious Superfoods

by Peter and Beryn Daniel Why not try this lovely spring salad from Peter and Beryn Daniel’s upcoming book, Rawlicious Superfoods? With over a hundred recipes that focus on ingredients such as chia, goji berries, hemp, coconut, camu camu, sea vegetables, maca, and raw cacao, this is the perfect guide for anyone interested in living a more healthful life!   …continue

Recipe Monday: Rawlicious Hazelnut Fudge

Excerpted from Rawlicious Superfoods, by Peter and Beryn Daniel. This is a hazelnut praline fudge. When our friend Barbara first brought this fudge over for us to try, I thought I was in heaven, so I asked her to please contribute this recipe to our book. Barbara’s Hazelnut Fudge Makes 25 squares Ingredients 1 C …continue

Recipe Monday: Thai Green Coconut Curry

Recipe from Rawlicious Superfoods by Peter and Beryn Daniel Fall calls for hearty comfort food, and if you’re looking for a quick, easy, and delicious dinner, check out this recipe for Thai green coconut curry from Rawlicious Superfoods. Make extra for lunch the next day and serve over rice or your other favorite grain.   …continue