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Contemplations on Pluto: An Interview with Dana Wilde

In celebration of the New Horizon’s fly-by, we interviewed Pluto contributor and columnist Dana Wilde about his thoughts on space exploration and the former ninth planet. Below, he shares his enlightening insights on these topics and on the nature of human beings and the progression of our relationship with the cosmos over time. You …continue

Read an excerpt from Pluto

The following excerpt is from Richard Grossinger’s introduction to Pluto: New Horizons for a Lost Horizon: Astronomy, Astrology, and Mythology, which goes on sale March 24. The anthology includes the work of writers such as Dana Wilde, Richard Hoagland, Jonathan Lethem, Rob Brezsny, and Robert Phoenix.   Introduction My original query letter for this anthology began …continue

New Release: Pluto

Astronomy buffs, poets, philosophers, astrologers, and indeed anyone interested in archetypes will dig into this collection of short and long writings about Pluto with relish. Timed to coincide with NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft’s imaging of Pluto in July 2015, this anthology offers perspectives on the meaning of Pluto from a diverse set of contributors including …continue

Pluto: A Poem

To wrap up our tour of the solar system, we wanted to conclude with a poem by Maggie Dietz from Richard Grossinger’s Pluto. Though the beloved dward planet has been reclassified, it is far from forgotten! Pluto Maggie Dietz Don’t feel small. We all have been demoted. Go on being moon or rock or orb, buoyant …continue

Poem: Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is flying by our most beloved dwarf planet, with images expected to arrive back to Earth later this evening. As we wait in suspense, knowing that debris the size of a grain of rice could swiftly disable the spacecraft 1, here’s a poem from Pluto: New Horizons for a Lost Horizon about the reclassification of …continue

Free Will Astrology ✧ 1/19 – 1/25

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Are you more attracted to honing group dynamics or liberating group dynamics? Do you have more aptitude as a director who organizes people or as a sparkplug who inspires people? Would you rather be a Chief Executive Officer or a Chief Imagination Officer? Questions like these will be fertile for you …continue