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Please refer to the Random House Privacy Policy.


North Atlantic Books respects your privacy and seeks to protect your personal data. Privacy is every individual's right. The following information describes how we gather and use data. The amount of information North Atlantic Books holds on you and how it uses it depends on your relationship with North Atlantic Books and on what North Atlantic Books service you use, so some of the sections below may not be relevant to you.

You may visit this site anonymously as often as you like without providing any personally identifying information (such as your name, address or e-mail address).

We do not collect personally identifying information from you except when you specifically provide it (for example, when requesting information, subscribing to our newsletter, requesting a catalog, or purchasing products) and we protect the information we receive.

We never share, sell or disclose your personal information or purchasing history to third parties in any form, for any purposes, at any time. Please read below for a further explanation of what information we gather and how we use it.

Personal Information You Provide

As you explore our Web site, there are places where we may ask you to provide us voluntarily with information about yourself. In most of these instances, we are seeking only your contact information so that we can send you the specific information that you request, such as a newsletter or catalog. If you decide to participate, we will not use your name or e-mail address for any purpose other than as stated, and will not sell or rent your name or address to third parties not affiliated with North Atlantic Books.

At other places in this site, we ask for your feedback, opinion or suggestions, and provide you with a link for e-mailing us your response. We may also ask for your zip code or city of residence to gather geographical information about the visitors to our site. If you send your e-mail to us, it will include your e-mail address in the "From" line. But again, as in the case of subscriptions and contests, we promise to use the e-mail address we receive in this manner only for the purpose of responding to your questions or suggestions, and will not approach you with unsolicited offers or provide your e-mail address to anyone else.

On an aggregate level, North Atlantic Books may gather general information about the public's use of our services, such as generic types of data accessed, times and volume of use of the services and Traffic Data. Traffic Data includes logs, details of networks, data and systems accessed, details of the sender and recipients of messages sent over our services, times and location of log on or access, duration of sessions, clickstream and similar usage or system data.

Ordering Online

To enable users to purchase books via, a user's personally identifying information will be shared with a third-party service provider solely for the purpose of order fulfillment and credit card verification. A user's personally identifying information will never be sold or rented to any other party. Site visitors have the option of saving shipping and billing information on the site to expedite future orders. If you choose not to register this information on the site, once we have processed your order, we will safely discard your credit card information. All credit card information is stored on a secure server. We may hold on to you billing and shipping information for future mailings promoting books similar to the one you ordered, but we will not share or sell this information at any time. We collect the email address of registered users, but the information is used solely for the purpose of our order confirmations and receipts, order status updates, and opt-in email newsletters.


Cookies are electronic tags that most major websites place on your computer in the process of sending your computer a file, such as a Web page. We use them in a limited fashion as well. In essence, a cookie is a unique bit of computer code that is placed on your computer the first time you visit our site. It tells us simply when a computer that has previously visited our site returns, and it identifies your computer's browser and operating system to help us make the best connection. We also use cookies to keep track of your subscriptions to various Random House lists. In no event does the cookie we place on your computer tell us anything about your visits to other websites or your use of the Internet in any other way. If you would prefer not to receive any cookies, most browsers can be set to refuse cookies or to alert you when one is being sent. It is possible, however, that some portions of this site may not function properly if the cookies are disabled.

Passing your information to third parties

Except where the law permits or unless you specifically agree, the North Atlantic Books Group does not sell or rent your personal data to others outside North Atlantic Books.

We try to keep the information you provide us absolutely safe. Unfortunately, computer security breaches do and can happen. We take reasonable steps to protect the information you provide us from theft, alteration or unauthorized inspection.

Unsubscribing Your Email Address

If you have previously provided us with your e-mail address and later decide that you do not want us to have it, please follow the instructions to unsubscribe contained at the end of your e-mail message from us. We will try to accommodate your request, but cannot promise that it will happen immediately

Links to Other Sites

Our site contains links to other sites that are not under our control, even though they may use the North Atlantic Books name or logo on their site through an agreement with us. Such other sites do not necessarily follow our privacy policies, and may place their own cookies on your computer. This practice is standard on the Web, and we do not control cookies placed on your computer by third parties whose advertising or links appear on our site.

If you have any concerns regarding privacy issues, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for shopping at North Atlantic Books!

Correspondence to Staff

North Atlantic Books may intercept some mail and email addressed to individuals in North Atlantic Books. The reasons it may do this are related to security of North Atlantic Books, its staff and others, for detection and prevention of crime and to identify correct recipients or to make sure mail is dealt with during staff absence. In the case of emails, we may reject, delay or remove content from emails which have a nature, content or attachments which may disrupt our systems or because they may pose security issues such as viruses. We may also filter out emails which contain certain content on the basis that content is offensive or the email is unwanted or spam. In certain circumstances this may unfortunately result in "innocent" emails being affected but we do try and reduce such occurrences.

If you have any concerns regarding privacy issues, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for shopping at North Atlantic Books!

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Please refer to the Random House Privacy Policy.


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