Amazing Grace

The Nine Principles of Living in Natural Magic

Written by David Wolfe, Contribution by Nick Good
Amazing Grace
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  • ISBN: 978-1-55643-730-4 (1-55643-730-7)
  • Trade Paperback, 6 x 9, 224 pages
    Body, Mind & Spirit - Personal Transformation; Self Help - Motivational; Philosophy - Metaphysics
    North Atlantic Books

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A three-minute clip from David Wolfe's interview at the 2008 Book Expo America in Los Angeles:

Amazing Grace by David Wolfe and Nick Good

From raw foods guru David Wolfe and life coach Nick Good, this motivational guide helps you improve life, health, and spirit by adopting this nurturing, intuitive lifestyle. North Atlantic Books, $16.95, April, 2008, ISBN#: 978-1-55643-730-4

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It’s official; embraced by everyone from stars like Uma Thurman and Woody Harrelson to average people who are seeking the best health possible, raw food and the live food lifestyle is “in.” But making that transition can be a challenge. That’s where Amazing Grace comes in. Written by raw-foods authority David Wolfe with life coach Nick Good, this combination of personal story and motivational guide offers a wealth of ways to improve life, health, and spirit by adopting this nurturing, intuitive lifestyle. Amazing Grace shares Wolfe’s secrets on how to become a superhero and lead a life full of fun, synchronicity, and magic. These secrets are based both on the personal experiences of the authors and the seven principles of Huna, the ancient Hawaiian shamanic tradition. With the addition of Grace and Forgiveness, they comprise nine powerful principles for success.
Equally useful whether reading cover to cover, sampling for nuggets of wisdom and inspiration, or retaining as a reference for support and guidance, Amazing Grace shows readers how to experience a new yet basic paradigm of possibility in an increasingly complex and confusing world.

Author Biography:

David Wolfe conducts 70 to 80 health lectures and seminars each year worldwide, as well as hosting health, healing, and beauty retreats. The president of the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, he lives in San Diego. Nick Good, PhD, is the founder of Success Ultra Now, a personal coaching company. He lives in England.

Table of Contents

You Are Being Called 1
Psalm 91
Points of Interest
Raw Magic: The Nine Principles of Living in Natural Magic 15
Principle Number One—Grace 15
The Seven Principles of Huna (Principles Number 2—8) 35
IKE—We Make Our Reality 36
MAKIA—Energy Flows Where Attention Goes 43
MANA—All Power Comes from Within 56
MANAWA—Now is the Moment of Power 79
KALA—All Change is Possible 86
PONO—Harmony/Effectiveness is a Measure of Truth 104
ALOHA—To Love is to Share the Happiness of the Breath of Life 115
Principle Number Nine—Forgiveness 126
Superhero Activation 141
Selected Poetry 163
The Poem of Tan 164
The Silent River 166
The Planet Earth 168
The Greatest Love Story That’s Ever Been Told 174
Success Ultra Now 176
The Mystery 186
Appendix A: Ormus 189
Appendix B: A Summary of the Seven Principles of Huna 195
Appendix C: The Prayer of Bounty 196
References 197
Resources 203
The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation 203
Success Ultra Now 204
The Best Day Ever 205
The Biaviian Mothership 208
Recommended Superhero Resources 208


You Are Being Called

“May you be reborn in exciting times.”

This is the moment we have all been waiting for.

You are being called. You have spent your entire existence preparing for this incredible time. Inside, you have always known that you possess something grand, something extraordinary. Upon reflection, the planetary crisis is really a crisis that is motivating you to tap this inner potential of your spirit-soul. The moment draws near. Step into your destiny. It is time to turn yourself on to Amazing Grace and The Nine Principles of Living in Natural Magic.

Amazing Grace ushers in a whole new type of success—a success that exudes from the soul regardless of outer circumstance. A success established upon an undeniable and irrefutable joyous fact: that an extraordinarily potent natural resource exists within and around us. It is a resource often referred to as God’s Love, the Light, the Tao (Dao), the Force, and is known by many other names. The language of quantum physics is calling it The Unified Field of Infinite Possibility. Rumi called it The Friend. Jesus called it The Father. However you label it, the amazing news is that now it is our time to explore, experiment, and discover how to utilize this infinite natural resource to achieve our destiny. Amazing Grace and The Nine Principles of Living in Natural Magic are designed to assist us in doing just that while at the same time creating a startling shift in consciousness. This shift is a literal activation of the most powerful human possibility. The superhero archetype is born.

Amazing Grace asks you to embrace the great glory of living life to the fullest. In the name of honor, wonder, beauty, and all that is sacred, Amazing Grace asks you to step forward into the majesty of the greatest flow ever.

You are the heir to all the ages, in the foremost ranks of all time. Every one of your ancestors still lives in you right now. All their aspirations, hopes, and desires are in you. You are the quintessential product of their dreams—which are now your dreams. They prepared you for living as a real-life character in the greatest love story ever told. Stand ready to open your heart, to transform your soul, and to live in natural magic in what is shaping up to be the great drama of the ages. Join an ingenious alliance of beings ready, willing, and able to reinvigorate the human soul and save the planet at the last possible second. Take personal responsibility for your destiny and for the destiny of our home—Earth.