The New York Mets

Ethnography, Myth, and Subtext

Written by Richard Grossinger, Foreword by Mike Vacarro
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No baseball team has captured America’s imagination like the Mets. Alternately the “Lovable Losers” and the “Miracle Mets,” New York’s other team offers fascinating fodder for writer Richard Grossinger in this thoughtful collection. The New York Mets is a series of probing essays on the best and most interesting years of...

Things Happen for a Reason

The True Story of an Itinerant Life in Baseball

Written by Terry Leach and Tom Clark, Preface by David Cone, Introduction by Paul Auster
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Trade Paperback

Born in 1953 in Selma, Alabama, Terry Leach first plays baseball as a Little Leaguer. In college, he stars at Auburn until an arm injury threatens his future. He recovers sufficiently to pitch sidearm and enter the independent leagues in Louisiana, which leads to his major league career. For every Sosa...