Radical Passion

Sacred Love and Wisdom in Action

Written by Andrew Harvey
Price: $29.95
Trade Paperback

This culmination of award-winning author Andrew Harvey’s life’s work bridges the great divide between spiritual resignation and engaged spiritual activism. A manifesto for the transformation of the world through the fusion of deep mystical peace with the clarity of radical wisdom, it is a wake-up call to put love and compassion...

Fathomless Heart

The Spiritual and Philosophical Reflections of an English Poet-Sage

Written by Lewis Thompson, Edited by Richard Lannoy, Foreword by William Stranger, Introduction by Richard Lannoy
Price: $19.95
Trade Paperback

Lewis Thompson (1909–1949) was primarily a poet, a man of letters influenced by Eastern spiritualism and the poets Rimbaud and Rilke. As Richard Lannoy, the editor of Fathomless Heart, writes, Thompson, who rejected traditional literature after experiencing a spiritual crisis as a teenager, wrote “solely as a form of spiritual exercise...

Shadow Yoga, Chaya Yoga

The Principles of Hatha Yoga

Written by Shandor Remete
Price: $18.95
Trade Paperback

In Shadow Yoga, Chaya Yoga, author Shandor Remete shows how to utilize yoga to enhance all aspects of physical and spiritual health. Focusing specifically on the hatha tradition, the book delves deep into original Sanskrit texts, explaining the theoretical foundation of yoga in clear, encouraging language. Remete describes the "shadows" noted...

The Circle of Fire

The Metaphysics of Yoga

Written by P.J. Mazumdar
Price: $22.95
Trade Paperback

The Circle of Fire examines the eternal metaphysical questions “What is God?” and “What is the purpose of life?” The book discusses the answers to these questions given by Western science and different schools of Indian thought, specifically detailing the answers to be found in India's two most developed atheistic traditions...

The Bhagavad Gita According to Gandhi

Written by Mahatma Gandhi
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Trade Paperback

The Bhagavad Gita, also called The Song of the Lord, is a 700-line section of a much longer Sanskrit war epic, the Mahabharata, about the legendary conflict between two branches of an Indian ruling family. Framed as a conversation between Krishna, an incarnation of the god Vishnu, and a general of...

The Way to God

Selected Writings from Mahatma Gandhi

Written by Mahatma Gandhi, Edited by M. S. Deshpande, Foreword by Arun Gandhi, Introduction by Michael N. Nagler
Price: $12.95
Trade Paperback

Mahatma Gandhi became famous as the leader of the Indian independence movement, but he called himself “a man of God disguised as a politician.” The Way to God demonstrates his enduring significance as a spiritual leader whose ideas offer insight and solace to seekers of every practice and persuasion. Collecting many...

The Ultimate Medicine

Dialogues with a Realized Master

Written by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Edited by Robert Powell, Foreword by Peter Madill, M.D.
Price: $15.95
Trade Paperback

The Ultimate Medicine is not for those who like their spirituality watered down, but for serious students searching for awareness. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (1897-1981) lived and taught in a small apartment in the slums of Bombay. A realized master of the Tantric Nath lineage, he supported himself and his family by...

The Real Is Unknowable, The Knowable Is Unreal

Written by Robert Powell
Price: $12.95
Trade Paperback

Wisdom is to reject conventional wisdom about almost everything.Thus begins Robert Powell's inquiry into the nature of Totality and the unreality of all else. This small but profound book is divided into three parts. In the first, Reflections, Robert Powell comments on some of humankind's most timeless puzzles and questions: Does...

The Nectar of Immortality

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj Discourses on the Eternal

Written by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Edited by Robert Powell
Price: $14.95
Trade Paperback

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (1897-1981), a revered master of the Tantric Nath lineage, is an inspiring example of an ordinary family man who attained complete realization of the Infinite. Living the absolute nonduality of Being in every moment, he taught that true freedom is a possibility open to every one of us...

Vedantic Meditation

Lighting the Flame of Awareness

Written by David Frawley, Foreword by John Douillard
Price: $15.95
Trade Paperback

As yoga gains popularity across the U.S., many people are becoming interested in its traditional Vedic roots. While Buddhist meditation is well represented on bookshelves, there has been little Vedantic philosophy written in lay terms until now. Author David Frawley guides readers through the challenges of cultivating awareness, calming the mind...

The Experience of Nothingness

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's Talks on Realizing the Infinite

Written by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Edited by Robert Powell
Price: $14.95
Trade Paperback