Crop Circles & Sacred Geometry

The Venus Blueprint

Uncovering the Ancient Science of Sacred Spaces

Written by Richard Merrick
Price: $19.95
Trade Paperback

In 2010, Richard Merrick took a family trip to Scotland's Rosslyn chapel—the enigmatic fifteenth-century temple made famous by Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. Little did he know he was about to embark upon an intellectual and personal journey that would lead to the discovery of a real-life lost symbol—one that...

Star Mounds

Legacy of a Native American Mystery

Written by Ross Hamilton
Price: $29.95
Trade Paperback

Star Mounds is a full-color illustrated study of the precolonial monuments of the greater Ohio Valley, woven together with over fifty "medicine stories" inspired by Native American mythology that demonstrate the depth of the knowledge held by indigenous peoples about the universe they lived in.
The earthworks of the region...

Crop Circles

The Bones of God

Written by Michael Glickman
Price: $15.95
Trade Paperback

How does mankind deal with miracles? This question has assumed a more-than-theoretical importance in the life of Michael Glickman, who has been witnessing the miraculous on a regular basis since he investigated his first crop circle in 1990. In the years since then, an intensive study of the crop-circle phenomenon in...

The Gods' Machines

From Stonehenge to Crop Circles

Written by Wun Chok Bong
Price: $26.95
Trade Paperback

Based on the author’s decipherment of prehistoric carvings and the application of mathematical measurements, The Gods’ Machines shows how “unknown” phenomena from Angkor Wat to Stonehenge to crop circles are actually powerhouses built by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization for tapping electromagnetic energy. The book traces the development of that civilization on...

Vital Signs

A Complete Guide to the Crop Circle Mystery and Why It is Not a Hoax

Written by Andy Thomas, Foreword by Mike Leigh
Price: $20.00
Trade Paperback

Crop circles, those beautiful and complex patterns that are visible from the air in fields around the world, have long fascinated the public, media, and scientific community. Vital Signs is a comprehensive guide for newcomers to these puzzling patterns and an essential history for those who are already intrigued. Illustrated with...

The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles

Scientific Research and Urban Legends

Written by Eltjo Haselhoff
Price: $20.00
Trade Paperback

Though they are not just a recent phenomenon, during the past few decades new crop circles have been reported worldwide at the rate of about one per day, creating considerable controversy over their origin and cause. Theoretical experimental physicist Eltjo Haselhoff presents a comprehensive overview of these beautiful and mysterious formations...

The Mystery of the Serpent Mound

In Search of the Alphabet of the Gods

Written by Ross Hamilton
Price: $27.50
Trade Paperback

The mysterious Serpent Mound in the Ohio Valley is a masterpiece of prehistoric architecture. Its enormous size alone inspires awe and reverence. Even deeper meanings may be hidden in the dimensions and lost functions of this ancient religious structure. Researcher Ross Hamilton has uncovered multiple layers of secrets hidden within the...