Krav Maga

The Essential Krav Maga

Written by Christophe Philippe
Price: $16.95
Blue Snake Books

Every day, innocent people are accosted and assaulted by criminals, many of whom carry weapons. The increasingly popular martial art of Krav Maga offers powerful methods and a direct approach to fighting back. Simplicity, speed, and efficiency are the main characteristics of Krav Maga, which was founded for the Israeli armed...

Krav Maga

How to Defend Yourself Against Armed Assault

Written by Imi Sde-Or and Eyal Yanilov
Price: $21.95
Frog Books

Krav Maga is today's cutting edge self-defense and hand to hand combat system. Initially developed by Grandmaster Imi Sde-Or (Lichtenfeld) for the Israel Defense Forces and other national security services, Krav Maga has been thoroughly adapted to meet civilan needs. The method was designed so that ordinary citizens, young and old...