International & Translated Fiction

Fathomless Heart

The Spiritual and Philosophical Reflections of an English Poet-Sage

Written by Lewis Thompson, Edited by Richard Lannoy, Foreword by William Stranger, Introduction by Richard Lannoy
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Lewis Thompson (1909–1949) was primarily a poet, a man of letters influenced by Eastern spiritualism and the poets Rimbaud and Rilke. As Richard Lannoy, the editor of Fathomless Heart, writes, Thompson, who rejected traditional literature after experiencing a spiritual crisis as a teenager, wrote “solely as a form of spiritual exercise...

Forbidden Bread

Written by Erica Johnson Debeljak
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Forbidden Bread is an unusual love story that covers great territory, both geographically and emotionally. The author leaves behind a successful career as an American financial analyst to pursue Ales Debeljak, a womanizing Slovenian poet who catches her attention at a cocktail party. The story begins in New York City, but...

The Feline Plague

Written by Maja Novak, Translated by Maja Visenjak-Limon, Foreword by Robert Buckeye
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A deftly written novel brimming with magical realist touches, The Feline Plague tells the story of Ira, a Slovenian child who discovers early the cruelty of the adult world—particularly the mistreatment of animals. Ira struggles to reconcile her life with a world in which people are small-minded, the chances for happiness...

Bringing Tony Home

Written by Tissa Abeysekara
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Set in the 1940s and 1960s, Bringing Tony Home is a masterful modern example of a timeless genre, the bildungsroman. In the title novella, a boy returns to his old home to find Tony, his beloved dog who was abandoned when economic circumstances forced the family to leave. “Bringing Tony Home”...

The Odyssey

Written by Homer, Translated by Charles Stein
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Most translations of The Odyssey are in the kind of standard verse form believed typical of high-serious composition in the ancient world. Yet some scholars believe the epic was originally composed in a less formal, phrase-by-phrase prosody. Charles Stein employs the latter approach in this dramatic, and in some ways truer...


New Poetry by Iranians Around the World

Edited by Niloufar Talebi
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Trade Paperback

Recent political developments, including the shadow of a new war, have obscured the fact that Iran has a long and splendid artistic tradition ranging from the visual arts to literature. Western readers may have some awareness of the Iranian novel thanks to a few breakout successes like Reading Lolita in Tehran...

Guarding Hanna

Written by Miha Mazzini
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Abandoned at birth because he has the face of a “prize boar,” the unnamed narrator of Guarding Hanna knows only a local Berlin gang as family. Patriarch Maestro acts as surrogate father, employing him to collect debts and perform thuggish tasks. Except for brief moments interacting with the gang, “the beast”...

Angels Beneath the Surface

A Selection of Contemporary Slovene Fiction

Edited by Mitja Cander and Tom Priestly, Introduction by Ales Steger
Price: $15.95
Trade Paperback

With a per capita publishing rate of more that three times that of the United States, Slovenia has a long and storied literary history, from the legendary 9th-century Freising Manuscripts to postmodern masterpieces by Igor Bratoz. Continuing that tradition, Angels Beneath the Surface, the first collection of Slovene fiction to...


Written by Vladimir Bartol, Translated by Michael Biggins
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Alamut takes place in 11th Century Persia, in the fortress of Alamut, where self-proclaimed prophet Hasan ibn Sabbah is setting up his mad but brilliant plan to rule the region with a handful elite fighters who are to become his "living daggers." By creating a virtual paradise at Alamut, filled with...

Al-Naqba (The Catastrophe)

A Novel About the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Written by Barbara Goldscheider
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Based on events, organizations, and locations that Barbara Goldscheider experienced while working on army bases throughout Israel, Al-Naqba, The Catastrophe follows the parallel stories of an elite Palestinian Arab and an officer of the Israeli Defense Forces. Asa Ibrahimi’s infatuation with the daughter of a desert sheikh is brutally ended when...