Vision for Life

Ten Steps to Natural Eyesight Improvement

Written by Meir Schneider
Price: $19.95
Trade Paperback

In Vision for Life, natural health pioneer Meir Schneider shares ten essential principles of healthy vision discovered in his forty-year personal and professional journey. Born almost blind, Schneider taught himself to see and developed an innovative program of healing and recovery that has helped thousands of people regain and improve their...

The Secret of Perfect Vision

How You Can Prevent or Reverse Nearsightedness

Written by David De Angelis, Afterword by Otis Brown, Foreword by Dr. Lee Anthony De Luca
Price: $17.95
Trade Paperback

Author David De Angelis’s search for a cure for nearsightedness was both professional and personal, since he suffered from the disease himself. An expert in muscular work dynamics, he discovered through extensive testing and an immersion in decades of scientific studies that working the extrinsic ocular muscles could preserve sight and...

Healing Your Eyes with Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture, Acupressure, & Chinese Herbs

Written by Andy Rosenfarb, Foreword by Marc Grossman
Price: $17.95
Trade Paperback

For the past ten years, Andy Rosenfarb has successfully used acupuncture and Chinese medicine to treat a wide range of eye conditions. His treatments include moxibustion techniques, tuina (massage), microcurrent stimulation, Chinese herbs, and qigong exercises, along with “essential acupuncture” where essential oils are placed on acupuncture points. The culmination of...

Better Eyesight

The Complete Magazines of William H. Bates

Written by William H. Bates, Edited by Thomas R. Quackenbush
Price: $29.95
Trade Paperback

Artists, teachers, army officers, housewives, elderly people, parents, and children with vision problems write about their experiences with the Bates Method and giving up their glasses in Better Eyesight. Major eye conditions (myopia, astigmaticsm, farsightedness, presbyopia, amblyopia, strabismus, cataract, gluacome, blindness) are discussed by Bates, other opthalmologists, the medical community, and...

Relearning to See

Improve Your Eyesight Naturally!

Written by Thomas R. Quackenbush
Price: $27.50
Trade Paperback

In this accessible presentation of the famous Bates method, Thomas R. Quackenbush (who teaches the Bates method in California and Oregon) describes how eyesight can improve naturally, at any age and regardless of heredity. This book is a wonderful tribute to the genius of Dr. Bates, who was a pioneer in...