Energy Healing

Quantum-Touch 2.0 - The New Human

Discovering and Becoming

Written by Richard Gordon, Chris Duffield, Ph.D. and Vickie Wickhorst Ph.D.
Price: $19.95
Trade Paperback

Quantum-Touch 2.0—The New Human endeavors to significantly enlarge the possibilities of what humans can be and do. In clear, step-by-step instructions, the reader will learn to easily demonstrate that human limits are as yet unknown.

Readers can learn to do healing on multiple people at once to reduce their pain in minutes...

Natural Chi Movement

Accessing the World of the Miraculous

Written by Tienko Ting, Foreword by William Spear
Price: $18.95
Trade Paperback

The modern world is largely focused on the physical—on the appetites and senses, on doing and having—which can blind us to the spiritual realm. In Natural Chi Movement, Tienko Ting articulates a theory of life that unites the physical and spiritual worlds. He suggests there is nothing to learn or master...

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension

The Quintessence of Being, the Ascended Masters' Ultimate Secret

Written by Bianca Gaia, Contribution by Diane LeBlanc
Price: $19.95
Trade Paperback

Based on her popular workshops in Canada and Europe, Welcome to the Fifth Dimension is author Diane LeBlanc’s guide to helping readers recognize and integrate their multiple dimensions. Through examples, exercises, and channeled teachings, she shows us how to regain our co-creative power and live each day and moment in a...

Reiki: The True Story

An Exploration of Usui Reiki

Written by Don Beckett
Price: $23.95
Trade Paperback

Reiki: The True Story is a comprehensive investigation of Reiki as both a healing practice and a lifelong path of spiritual awakening. Author and Reiki expert Don Beckett weaves together a new story about Reiki’s origins and its founder’s true vision. The foundation of this book is the teachings of a...

Quantum-Touch Core Transformation

A New Way to Heal and Alter Reality

Written by Alain Herriott and Jody Herriott, Foreword by Richard Gordon
Price: $19.95
Trade Paperback

Quantum-Touch teaches techniques for focusing and amplifying life-force energy (chi) through simple breathing and body-awareness exercises. This practice stimulates our biological intelligence to promote healing in everything from major immune disorders to chronic pain to emotional disturbances. A new addition to Alain Herriott’s successful series that includes Supercharging Quantum-Touch, this manual...

Chi Gong

The Ancient Chinese Way to Health

Written by Paul Dong and Aristide H. Esser
Price: $14.95
Trade Paperback

Chi Gong: The Ancient Chinese Way to Health bridges the divide between Chinese and Western science, systems of health care, and spiritual practice. With proven, step-by-step exercises, chi gong instructor Paul Dong and psychiatrist Aristide Esser show how to perform basic and advanced chi gong exercises; increase vitality by maintaining the...

Supercharging Quantum-Touch

Advanced Techniques

Written by Alain Herriott, Foreword by Richard Gordon
Price: $19.95
Trade Paperback

Quantum-Touch teaches ways to focus and amplify life-force energy (chi) through simple breathing and body awareness exercises. The result stimulates the subject’s biological intelligence to do whatever healing it deems necessary in everything from major immune disorders to chronic pain to emotional disturbances. In Supercharging Quantum-Touch, prominent teacher Alain Herriott takes...

Healing with the Chakra Energy System

Acupressure, Bodywork, and Reflexology for Total Health

Written by John R. Cross, Foreword by Robert Charman
Price: $22.95
Trade Paperback

Written in accessible language for bodyworkers and hands-on therapists, Healing with the Chakra Energy System describes the use of very simple nonsuppressive and nonsymptomatic techniques in which the cause of the disease process may be halted and disharmony within the body may be changed into harmony. Each chapter contains case histories...


The Power to Heal

Written by Richard Gordon, Illustrated by Eleanor Barrow, Foreword by C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
Price: $19.95
Trade Paperback

Quantum-Touch is the touch-based healing technique that uses the chi of both practitioner and client, bringing them into harmony to allow the body to heal itself. Quantum-Touch differs from other healing techniques because it does not require long years of study and presents none of the common hurdles of understanding or...

Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body

Qigong for Lifelong Health

Written by Bruce Frantzis
Price: $21.95
Trade Paperback

Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body explains the practice of chi gung (qigong), the 3000-year-old self-healing exercise system from China. Originally published in 1993, this book has become a classic that has inspired tens of thousands of Westerners to learn to activate their chi—life-force energy—to improve their health, reduce stress...

The Psychic Healing Book

Written by Amy Wallace and Bill Henkin
Price: $17.95
Trade Paperback

In this classic text with a new introduction by Wallace and Henkin, the authors demystify such processes as grounding, basic psychic meditations, reading auras, understanding the astral body, and performing simple psychic readings and healings. The book is based on the idea that psychic abilities are not just the province of...

Your Healing Hands

The Polarity Experience

Written by Richard Gordon
Price: $17.95
Trade Paperback

The human energy field is constantly affected by mental, physical, and emotional experience. This classic guide, written by the author of Quantum Touch: The Power to Heal, shows energy workers, massage therapists, chiropractors, and anyone wishing to heal with their hands how to conduct a full polarity therapy session to restore...

Unwinding the Belly

Healing with Gentle Touch

Written by Allison Post and Stephen Cavaliere, Foreword by Robert P. Turner, M.D.
Price: $18.95
Trade Paperback

Addressing a wide range of conditions, including digestive problems, anxiety, and depression, this handy guide helps readers reclaim basic health by using proven techniques to reconnect with their bodies. The authors show how to tap into the body/spirit's intuitive center and perform simple, quick exercises to heal. Twenty-seven line drawings and...

Self-Healing Reiki

Freeing the Symbols, Attunements, and Techniques

Written by Barbara Emerson
Price: $16.95
Trade Paperback

Reiki is a Japanese hands-on method of bodywork that channels energy through seven chakras (energy centers) to attune the body to its optimal energy level. In Self-Healing Reiki, Barbara Emerson helps readers bypass the expensive—and some say elitist—process of working with a master by teaching themselves through a simple but complete...

Balancing the Chakras

Written by Maruti Seidman
Price: $18.95
Trade Paperback

The chakras are a series of seven energy fields or centers of consciousness in the body which harbor latent divine energy known as Kundalini energy. The balance or imbalance of these vortices affects a person's health, as well as his or her emotional and spiritual well-being and evolution. The first section...

Healing from Within with Chi Nei Tsang

Applied Chi Kung in Internal Organs Treatment

Written by Gilles Marin, Foreword by Mantak Chia
Price: $17.95
Trade Paperback

Chi Nei Tsang is a Taoist visceral manipulation body-work and massage which emphasizes moving chi energy to the abdominal organs. Developed by Taoist Master Mantak Chia as part of his Healing Tao System, it works on internal dysfunctions and energy blocks using the breathing exercises of chi-kung, therapeutic manipulations, and meditation...

Tachyon Energy

A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing

Written by Gabriel Cousens MD and David Wagner
Price: $14.95
Trade Paperback

Wagner and Cousens demonstrate a tachyon theory that unveils the delicate weave of Spirit, kundalini, health, physics, and biology as a subtle dance out of traditional healing. This book explains, in the authors' persuasive words and case studies, the breakthrough holistic healing technology called Tachyon energy. Benefits include a more rapid...

Esoteric Anatomy

The Body as Consciousness

Written by Bruce Burger, Contribution by Mathaji Vanamali, Introduction by Richard Gordon
Price: $22.50
Trade Paperback

Esoteric Anatomy offers a spiritual approach to massage, bodywork, and somatic psychology, demystifying an ancient transpersonal model for understanding energy in nature and working with consciousness in the healing arts.