Movement Therapy

Vision for Life

Ten Steps to Natural Eyesight Improvement

Written by Meir Schneider
Price: $19.95
Trade Paperback

In Vision for Life, natural health pioneer Meir Schneider shares ten essential principles of healthy vision discovered in his forty-year personal and professional journey. Born almost blind, Schneider taught himself to see and developed an innovative program of healing and recovery that has helped thousands of people regain and improve their...

Core Awareness, Revised Edition

Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise, and Dance

Written by Liz Koch, Foreword by Emilie Conrad and Bob Cooley
Price: $18.95
Trade Paperback

Core Awareness, Revised Edition: Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise, and Dance offers a guide to Core Awareness, a body-oriented approach that explores the practice of bringing focus and attention to inner sensation as the means of cultivating an innate capacity for expressive movement. Developed by somatic educator and author Liz Koch, the...

Exploring Body-Mind Centering

An Anthology of Experience and Method

Edited by Gil Wright Miller, Pat Ethridge and Kate Tarlow Morgan, Contribution by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
Price: $24.95
Trade Paperback

Exploring Body-Mind Centering features 35 essays on Body-Mind Centering (BMC), an experiential practice based on the application of anatomical, physiological, psychophysical, and developmental principles. Using the work of BMC founder Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen as a springboard, the book showcases diverse situations—from medical illness to blocked creativity—in which this discipline is applied...

The Wild Region of Lived Experience

Using Somatic-Psychoeducation

Written by Danis Bois
Price: $18.95
Trade Paperback

The Wild Region of Lived Experience introduces the emerging discipline of somatic-psychoeducation, a powerful body-mind modality developed over a period of 25 years by author Danis Bois. Somatic-psychoeducation uses aspects of manual therapy (touch), movement, and psychotherapeutic methods to help people heal from physical and emotional issues, as well as develop...

Reversing Chronic Pain

A 10-Point All-Natural Plan for Lasting Relief

Written by Maggie Phillips
Price: $17.95
Trade Paperback

Reversing Chronic Pain offers a dynamic framework for joining body and mind to speed the healing of traumatic pain from the body level up. Each chapter presents a body-centered skill set that can be mastered through a broad menu of practice exercises. The resulting interlinked somatic building blocks help readers shift...

Engaging the Movement of Life

Exploring Health and Embodiment Through Osteopathy and Continuum

Written by Bonnie Gintis, Foreword by Emilie Conrad
Price: $19.95
Trade Paperback

Engaging the Movement of Life is an invitation to discover new ways to experience health and embodiment. Osteopathic physician and Continuum Movement teacher Bonnie Gintis offers an approach that encompasses fluid movement, open attention, and awareness of sensation and breath as empowering practices to enrich all aspects of life. She presents...

Life on Land

The Story of Continuum, the World-Renowned Self-Discovery and Movement Method

Written by Emilie Conrad, Foreword by Valerie Hunt
Price: $24.95
Trade Paperback

Emilie Conrad’s approach to movement education, health, and healing is as varied and deeply textured as her life story. In Life on Land, she interweaves the story of her Brooklyn childhood and discovery of dance with the psychic and physical collapse that led to the development of Continuum, her groundbreaking movement...


A Creative Approach to Human Movement and Body Alignment

Written by Andre Bernard, Wolfgang Steinmuller and Ursula Stricker
Price: $19.95
Trade Paperback

Mabel Elsworth Todd pioneered ideokinesis in the 1920s. Her book, The Thinking Body, described new ways to use all the senses as well as inner feeling and imagination to retrain the body to move with ease and balance. The system became an invaluable tool for generations of dancers, actors, and performance...

How Life Moves

Explorations in Meaning and Body Awareness

Written by Caryn McHose and Kevin Frank, Foreword by Hubert Godard
Price: $22.95
Trade Paperback

This comprehensive movement program uses the story of biological evolution as a tool to increase strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Readers learn to "unlearn" inherited bodily habits by embodying the many forms that life has expressed on Earth—from the single cell to the human being—and shifting their perception. Through this evolutionary...

Wisdom of the Body Moving

An Introduction to Body-Mind Centering

Written by Linda Hartley
Price: $23.95
Trade Paperback

This comprehensive guide introduces Body-Mind Centering, the internationally recognized field pioneered by dancer and occupational therapist Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Devoting thirty-five years to a systematic investigation of the relations between bodily experience and the anatomical maps of science, Bainbridge Cohen independently discovered many of the principles that underlie Feldenkrais work, cranial...

The Rosen Method of Movement

Written by Marion Rosen and Susan Brenner
Price: $14.95
Trade Paperback

While working as a physical therapist in Oakland in the fifties, Marion Rosen was asked by several clients how they could prevent aches and pains and avoid physical therapy treatments. This question inspired Rosen to begin teaching movement classes in 1956. The Rosen Method of Movement describes these preventative exercises in...