Sustainable Revolution

Permaculture in Ecovillages, Urban Farms, and Communities Worldwide

Edited by Juliana Birnbaum and Louis Fox, Designed by Erika Rand, Foreword by Paul Hawken
Price: $34.95
Trade Paperback

Urban gardeners. Native seed-saving collectives. Ecovillage developments. What is the connection between these seemingly disparate groups? The ecological design system of permaculture is the common thread that weaves them into a powerful, potentially revolutionary—or reevolutionary—movement.

Permaculture is a philosophy based on common ethics of sustainable cultures throughout history that have designed...

Austin Osman Spare

The Occult Life of London's Legendary Artist

Written by Phil Baker, Foreword by Alan Moore
Price: $18.95
Trade Paperback

Austin Osman Spare is the definitive biography of the controversial occultist and artist, an enfant terrible of the Edwardian art world whose work was both hailed as genius and decried as immoral decadence. As George Bernard Shaw reportedly said, "Spare's medicine is too strong for the average man."

Trained as a...

The Actor's Secret

Techniques for Transforming Habitual Patterns and Improving Performance

Written by Betsy Polatin
Price: $22.95
Trade Paperback

Offering revolutionary new training for the actor, The Actor's Secret teaches actors and performers how to incorporate the fundamentals of the Alexander Technique, Somatic Experiencing®, and Breathing Coordination in order to reduce performance anxiety and stress; improve stage presence, breathing, and vocal production; and restore well-being and healthy functioning. These three...

Nothing and Everything - The Influence of Buddhism on the American Avant Garde

1942 - 1962

Written by Ellen Pearlman
Price: $21.95
Trade Paperback

In America in the late 1950s and early 60s, the world—and life itself—became a legitimate artist’s tool, aligning with Zen Buddhism’s emphasis on “enlightenment at any moment” and living in the now. Simultaneously and independently, parallel movements were occurring in Japan, as artists there, too, strove to break down artistic boundaries...

The Heron Dance Book of Love and Gratitude

Edited by Roderick MacIver, Illustrated by Roderick MacIver
Price: $16.95
Trade Paperback

In The Heron Dance Book of Love and Gratitude, Roderick MacIver uses text and pictures to encourage readers to discover that “all-transcendent meaning” in their daily lives. This wise and comforting book celebrates the open heart and the beauty and mystery that surround us through a wide array of voices and...

The Mushroom in Christian Art

The Identity of Jesus in the Development of Christianity

Written by John A. Rush Ph.D., Foreword by Martin W. Ball, Ph.D.
Price: $29.95
Trade Paperback

In The Mushroom in Christian Art, author John A. Rush uses an artistic motif to define the nature of Christian art, establish the identity of Jesus, and expose the motive for his murder. Covering Christian art from 200 CE (common era) to the present, the author reveals that Jesus, the Teacher...

The Laws of Nature

Excerpts from the Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson

Written by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edited by Walt McLaughlin
Price: $16.95
Trade Paperback

Though written in the mid-nineteenth century, Ralph Waldo Emerson’s work, particularly his nature writing, speaks to contemporary sensibilities. The uniquely American, nature-based philosophy commonly attributed to Thoreau was first presented to the world by Emerson in his slender volume Nature and later developed by both men, each with his own distinct...

Thoreau and the Art of Life

Reflections on Nature and the Mystery of Existence

Written by Henry David Thoreau, Edited by Roderick MacIver, Illustrated by Roderick MacIver
Price: $16.95
Trade Paperback

Featuring nearly 100 luminous watercolor illustrations, Thoreau and the Art of Life collects eloquent passages from the writings of the seminal author and philosopher. Drawn mainly from his journals, the short excerpts provide fascinating insight into his thought processes by presenting his raw, unedited feelings about the things that meant the...

Art as a Way of Life

Written by Roderick MacIver
Price: $16.95
Trade Paperback

Filled with elegant watercolors and inspirational prose, Art as a Way of Life offers reflections on art and creativity, empowering us to discover and nurture the creative spirit within. It is an encouraging book for people wanting to live, work, and love in the creative spirit.

A wide range of creative innovators...

Meditations on Nature, Meditations on Silence

Edited by Roderick MacIver
Price: $16.95
Trade Paperback

Meditations on Nature, Meditations on Silence is a collection of hundreds of quotes on the beauty and mystery of the natural world by writers and thinkers, including Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, Edward Abbey, Rainer Maria Rilke, Henry David Thoreau, Louise Dickinson Rich, and Lewis Thomas.

Through their inspirational poetry and other writings...

Green Design

Creative Sustainable Designs for the Twenty-First Century

Written by Marcus Fairs
Price: $25.00
Trade Paperback

In this timely book, author Marcus Fairs helps readers understand the shift of green design from marginal to mainstream by featuring products and buildings that address immediate concerns about global warming and environmental degradation. Through vast architectural projects to modest one-off pieces of salvaged furniture, the book shows how the design...

Wild Design

Ecofriendly Innovations Inspired by Nature

Written by Alan Marshall
Price: $18.95
Trade Paperback

In Wild Design, environmental designer and scientist Alan Marshall presents a manifesto on nature-inspired designs, including visionary concepts as well as exhibits of actual products, landscapes, and artwork from around the world. With elegant photographs and drawings, the book incorporates the ethos of sustainability by documenting many of the results of...

Migraine Art

The Migraine Experience from Within

Written by Klaus Podoll M.D. and Derek Robinson, Foreword by Oliver Sacks
Price: $35.00

Migraine Art includes more than 300 powerful illustrations and paintings created by migraine sufferers from around the world. It provides a thoroughly unique window into the subjective world of the migraine sufferer. The idea of collecting migraine art started with a number of public competitions in the 1980s, which encouraged artists...

Art Psalms

Written by Alex Grey
Price: $24.95

The power of art as a transformative path is the theme of this inspiring collection from internationally known artist Alex Grey. Art Psalms combines poems, artwork, and "mystic rants" that fuse imagination, creativity, and spirituality. Grey’s oracular poetry declares that art, both its creation and its observation, can be a spiritual...

Warrior Arts and Weapons of Ancient Hawaii

Written by Sid Campbell
Price: $39.95

Until recently, the cultural lore of the ancient warriors of Hawaii was considered lost. This absorbing history documents the complex customs and military traditions of the ancient koa warriors, and the deadly tools they used in battles among the rival chieftains and kings. The warriors employed a wide array of deceptively...

Axial Stones

An Art of Precarious Balance

Written by George Quasha, Foreword by Carter Ratcliff
Price: $30.00
Trade Paperback

George Quasha’s extraordinary sculptures unite natural stones in a state of breathtakingly improbable balance. The stones are not altered physically or bonded in any way; rather, Quasha discovers an unknown axis that brings them into radical alignment. The stones "learn" this state of levity in contrast to their ordinary state of...

Spiritual Tattoo

A Cultural History of Tattooing, Piercing, Scarification, Branding, and Implants

Written by John A. Rush Ph.D.
Price: $18.95
Trade Paperback

Say "body modifications" and most people think of tattoos and piercings. They associate these mainly with the urban primitives of the 1980s to today and with primitive tribes. In fact, as this fascinating book shows, body mods have been on the scene since ancient times, traceable as far back as 1.5...


The Life and Spirit of a Remarkable Town

Commentaries by Ellen Weis, Photographed by Kiran Singh
Price: $16.95
Trade Paperback

Berkeley is as much a concept as a city, resonating powerfully with those on all sides of the political spectrum. But insiders know it as one of the most exciting cities in the country, where eclectic neighborhoods, a sparkling waterfront, and world-class festivals coexist happily with radicals, hippies, and political correctness...

Ayahuasca Visions

The Religious Iconography of a Peruvian Shaman

Written by Pablo Amaringo and Luis Luna
Price: $35.00
Trade Paperback

The mythologies and cosmology of Amazonian shamanism materialize in fantastic color and style in this unique, large-format volume, representing the fruit of several years of collaboration between a Peruvian folk artist/shaman and a Colombian anthropologist/filmmaker.


Written by Michael Walsh
Price: $27.50
Trade Paperback

The graffiti phenomenon taking place in urban America has erupted into a full scale war. The main weapons: aerosol spray paint versus hundreds of taxpayer-funded abatements programs. To the graffiti writer, graffiti is a secret language, an empowering form of self-expression, a screaming voice against an unjust, alienating society. To the...

The Knowing Body

The Artist as Storyteller in Contemporary Performance

Written by Louise Steinman
Price: $20.00
Trade Paperback

Steinman's book really stands alone among performance art books. While there are many that document what particular artists are doing, this one offers a way in for a person who wants to perform (or know more about how performance artists work). Must reading for anyone interested in performance art, it will...

Action Theater

The Improvisation of Presence

Written by Ruth Zaporah
Price: $29.95
Trade Paperback

Each chapter of this book presents a single day of the twenty-day training which Ruth Zaporah developed into Action Theater, her investigation into the life-reflecting process of improvisation. This book shows through exercises, stories, anecdotes, and metaphors how to focus attention on the body's awareness of the present moment, moving away...