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Adobe eBook Reader (PDF):
Download the free Adobe eBook Reader software for an experience that closely resembles the print version, this format can be read on Windows, Macintosh, Palm OS, Pocket PC and Symbian Smartphones. |
eReader (Palm):
Download the free eReader software. Popular format that can be read on your Palm Pilot, Pocket PC, Symbian Smartphone, Windows Mobile, PC or Macintosh. |
Microsoft Reader (LIT):
Download the free Microsoft Reader software onto your desktop PC or laptop to view and read eBooks. The reader uses Clear Type technology that makes fonts much clearer than what you usually would see on your computer screen. Features include adjustable font size, and search functions, as well as highlighting, notes, and the ability to bookmark pages. | Fictionwise |
Extremely flexible format that can be used on any PDA including Windows, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian and Blackberry. |
eBookwise (ETI):
Format that can only be read on an eBookwise device. Only available at | Fictionwise
Sony Reader:
A new eBook reading device that closely mimics the "pBook" (paper) experience. Available now. For more information please visit the SONY Connect site.